Fatal Extraction

This story is an unbelievable marriage of photos, video, sound, and text to bring to life the injustices that the Australian Mining companies bring upon African communities. The first part focuses on the Australian Mining company Anvil, and how they have allegedly had part in a massacre in Kilwa. The story itself is heavy and important in its own right, but for this class I will focus on how they told the story.

The site is meant to keep moving the viewer forward, with clearly indicated arrows on the side. There’s no need for scrolling and the story is aided in the fact that you, as a viewer, can take in each slide completely all at once. Text is kept to a minimum on each slide, with only a few short paragraphs for the “lengthier” ones. When there is video it is kept short, picking out the most impacting lines to focus on. They even are able to incorporate legal documents in a compelling way, enlarging the areas of interest and still giving a short summary of what it means in order to keep the reader moving further into the story. Overall, the interactivity is kept mainly to pushing forward in what is essentially a powerpoint, however the shift between video and still images and sound and silence keep the viewer engaged. And for those wanting more control over the story, there is a table of contents that can be accessed in the top left at any point to jump ahead or back in the story.

Overall I think this is a great example of storytelling as it takes a very complicated situation and brings you through the story slide by slide, balancing the very human reactions with the large scale effects.

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