Out-Of-School Children: An Eye Opening View of the World

So many kids complain about going to school, even at a young age. Some see it as pointless, while others don’t like the challenge. Sometimes, you really don’t really realize how great you have it until someone points it out to you. While clicking along on this interactive link, it hit me just like that. While I do enjoy school, unlike many in the U.S., I frankly was unaware of the lack of education in other countries. This graphic representation of education in various countries completely shocked me.

I was highly impressed by the way the statistics were presented. The interactive portion was easy to follow and the introduction was interesting. The cartoon people were all dressed differently, rather than generic stick people, which made it easier to imagine them being actual children. My only complaint would be the size of the words, which were very small in some cases.

The story was presented very efficiently and effectively. It raised awareness about the education gap in a personal way. It makes you want to get involved and change the world.

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