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Why New Web Designers should know code.

From one web designer to another.

Today the web design market is overcrowded. Anyone and everyone seems to be able to sell

Building your brand on LinkedIn

Liquid Brand Strategy Director Hunter Marshall speaks at LinkedIn Live 

The New Brand Culture Model

The value of building a brand driven by culture


This whitepaper draws upon the anthropological concept of culture…

The Internet of Things: A Brand’s New World 

by Heather Dougherty, Senior Digital Strategist and Kelly Rupp, Brand Strategist, Liquid Agency

Why the Hell Are You Even on Facebook?

500, 2,000, 20,000…does any number make a difference?

If you’re looking for “earned” content marketing on Facebook, the answer is…

Never Hear Them Coming

Small wins.

The Danish Energy Agency allocated EUR 4 million for public and private electric car projects. This will bring 1500 new electric cars…

Why You Should Tell Your Boss to Shove It

What is creativity? Are we born with it?

Could it be a gene? If so, is it a gene only certain people have? Or is it one that…

There is such a thing as a bad idea.

Third Wave co-founder Igor Schwarzmann about having skin in the game, coding and how technology impacts careers.

Brand Experiences Must Be Designed 

Think of service design as the best way to make your customers come back.

Back in the Victorian England there was an engineer who was no designer at all, yet he was probably one of the earliest service designer thinkers. Isambard Kingdom Brunel constructed bridges, viaducts, cuttings and tunnels to build the Great Western…

Growing a culture of innovation, 2 days at a time…

Innovation is a critical component of the modern company. Let us show you how, why, and the problems we’ve overcome…

Take a Website Design Lesson from Leonardo Da Vinci

Five centuries later, simplicity is still the ultimate sophistication

Passing the Exam

Google Analytics IQ not as easy as you think

When you have been looking for job for as long as I have been a few people had said to me, strengthen…

How To Build A Following On Instagram and Vine

Scribbled by @stvmcg

Data supporting this experiment:

Creating effective, super-powerful banner campaigns

A guideline to creative Online Advertising

Effective digital creative needs to engage, inform and inspire

This Is Who We Are and This is What We Do: the importance of company culture

These days, everyone is talking about company culture. Companies and firms all across the globe spend…

Embrace code, F*ck Photoshop

The web exists in so many shapes and sizes, skipping Photoshop was the best decision I ever made.

The best website in the world

The best website in the world works for the user, not the owner. Whether the user is on a smartphone or a TV screen, the best website in the world adapts to give the best experience. This goes much further than column widths and basic responsive design. The best website in the world knows that needs are different in different situations and utilises smart…

Web Templates: Are They Right for You?

Web design has changed over the years, but there has always been the battle between template-based web design and proper web design done by HTML…

Why You Should have a Messy Desk

Einstein: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

The Comeback Gif

What’s old — is better, now.

Never in my thirteen years of frame by frame artistry and pixel dancing would I ever think that something so annoying as…

Digital Design Digest
Digital Design Digest

Design, Strategy, UX, Web Analytics, Social Media, . . .

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