Introducing Slack Monitor

As Slack teams grow in size it can quickly become hard to keep track of all the new users, channels and apps being added and created. That can be a problem for team managers, for example, who might want to enforce channel naming conventions or check that users upload a profile photo.

At The Times, where we’re avid users of Slack, we had been using Lighthouse for this. Lighthouse is a excellent tool with many useful features, but we have decided it’s too expensive for us. We reckoned it couldn’t be that hard to roll our own version.

So today we’re open-sourcing Slack Monitor, a Slack app that does what it says on the tin. For now it’s more minimal than Lighthouse, with a focus on simple event notifications, but our hope is that with community help it can grow into a fully-featured system.

An example of Slack Monitor’s output

We should note that we’re not hosting Slack Monitor – instead, we’re making the code available so that anyone can deploy their own version on their own servers.

Get in touch with your feedback, thoughts and – most importantly – contributions!