The best of the Times Interactive team

While we try to get a coveted spot, here is a selection of our favourite bespoke projects, involving several that have involved collaboration with the rest of the newsroom and wider Digital team.

Find out what will happen to May’s deal

The Brexit flowchart

From a drawing on the back of an envelope to a double-page spread and a full interactive flowchart, we brought to life Henry Zeffman’s explanation of what could happen to Brexit and Theresa May ahead of the December 11 vote on her deal.

Armistice centenary

The Times and Sunday Times’s coverage of Armistice was months in the making and a cross-title mobilisation of resources on a huge scale. Our standout digital projects made the most of our archive and included an annotated version of The Times newspaper published on November 12 1918, the colourising of black and white photos of celebrations around the country and the retelling of the Hundred Days Offensive using maps published 100 years ago.

Storm Florence

Plenty of maps, updated twice a day, as Florence made its way to the east cost of the United States.

Read our explainer on Hurricane Florence

Divorce survey

Our first collaboration with the Sunday Times Style section, and another two-day project aiming at making of a few of the piece’s top lines more personal.

Read Your memories of the NHS

The NHS celebrated its 70th anniversary in July 2018.

We celebrated the UK’s love/hate relationship with the institution with two bespoke projects.

We set up a phone voicemail for our readers to share their stories of the NHS. We picked the most interesting stories and built a bespoke storytelling template with a scrolling audio player to bring them to life.

See How your hospital compares

After weeks of research and compiling data, we also built a page for readers to compare their hospital and NHS trust to the rest of the country.

Unsolved crimes

This Sunday Times splash about poor police performance was a result of a collaboration with the data team – and we got our postcode searcher out of the cupboard, packing a mapping of LSOA results and a comparison with the whole of the country.

Read How many crimes go unsolved in your local authority

LBW or not?

The latest in our series of news-games! This time, our readers are placed in the boots of a cricket umpire and have to decide if a batsman should be given out LBW.

A continuation on the theme of sports games we started last year with our offside or not assistant referee simulator.

Read Child slave gangs go free

Modern slavery

A prime example of a quick-turnaround bespoke project, putting your guess of how many slaves there are in Britain against official estimates — and other readers’ guesses.

Read our pre-coverage of the Italian election

Italy votes

Silvio Berlusconi’s return to Italian politics led to a lot of interest in the March 2018 election.

We produced a comprehensive and visual pre-coverage, as well as a detailed analysis comparing demographic factors with the populist part Five Star Movement’s results.

Read about the president’s social behaviour

The Trump vocabulary

As long as Donald Trump only picks fights on Twitter… but just exactly how did his catchphrases and hashtags come about during the primary, election campaign, and his presidency?

The Data team studied President Trump’s Twitter vocabulary from 2014.

The Star Wars Quiz

Take our comedic guide to intergalactic politics to work out where you stand on the side of dark and light.

See The fall of Islamic State

The fall of Islamic State in maps

A successful collaboration with our Graphics department to show how the Islamic State’s territorial gains and losses have changed over the so-called caliphate’s lifespan.

Brexit explained: the progress so far and what happens next

Brexit explained

Taking the reader through all the essential need-to-knows of Brexit, updated as the national conversation has continued.

Why does Putin always win?

Why does Putin always win?

Putin’s hold on Russian politics has shown no signs of weakening: he was re-elected president in 2018. Our teams explain why and how.

General election 2017

Six weeks to build an election page and pre-coverage from the ground up was not a walk in the park. But we had it all:

  • A daily briefing written by our top political commentators featuring data from a selected constituency;
  • A results page, updating live, at the top of the website.