ParallelChain Launch Schedule

Stepping into Q1 2022, it's about time we share the launch schedule of ParallelChain.

We expect to run 4 testnets before rolling out the mainnet in order to ensure robustness of the network. Below is a brief summary of what each run entails. A detailed release note will be posted 1 week prior to each run.

ParallelChain Testnet 1 — Q1 2022

  • Turing-complete WASM smart contracts with a Rust SDK. You will be able to write and use your own decentralised applications on Testnet 1.
  • An intuitive, graphical web platform (like a web light client) where the public can deploy their contracts on Testnet 1 and make transactions and smart contract calls, as well as explore the blockchain and world state.
  • Centralized deployment on ParallelChain Lab hardware.

ParallelChain Testnet 2 — Q2 2022

  • ParallelWallet Integration: you will be able to see and use your Testnet 2 accounts through an Android or iOS device, no browser required.
  • We will propose the PRFC-1 (“ParallelChain Request For Comments”) token standard for deliberation and approval. Testnet 2 will have a well-defined standard for user-developed fungible tokens.
  • Distributed deployment in geographically disparate nodes (for Testnet 2, still administered by ParallelChain Lab), putting the platform on good footing for fully decentralised deployment when Mainnet comes along.
  • To dry run our staking mechanism, you will be able to stake your Testnet 2 tokens to designated operators, which will influence their power in consensus.

ParallelChain Testnet 3 Q3 2022

  • We expect to make available most of Mainnet’s governance functionality by Testnet 3 (of course, with mocked enforcement, so that users don’t wreak havoc on the testnet without economic cost).
  • Your smart contracts will now be upgradeable: you’ll be able to change contract code (& address) without having to start from an empty contract state.
  • Decentralised deployment in collaboration with selected XPLL holders.

ParallelChain Testnet 4 — late Q3 2022

  • Stress test of full Mainnet functionality.
  • Complete governance functionality. Most substantially, mechanisms for orchestrating smooth runtime upgrades (otherwise known as ‘soft forks’).
  • Decentralised deployment available for all XPLL holders.

ParallelChain Mainnet — early Q4 2022



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