ParallelChain x PlayPad Lucky Draw

Hey ParallelChain community, hope you’re having a wonderful start of 2022. 🔥🔥🔥 Let’s kick off the new year with a community-exclusive JOINT LUCKY DRAW with PlayPad -- a launchpad for metaverse and gaming projects which recently entered into partnership with ParallelChain.

In this joint event, ParallelChain will host the $PPAD draw for $XPLL holders; and PlayPad will host the $XPLL draw for $PPAD holders.

👇👇👇Here are the details for the $PPAD draw:

Entry: 3rd January 2022, 13:00 UTC — 5th January 2022, 13:00 UTC.

💎 Reward: 100 $PPAD tokens for 100 winners each.

🙋 Who can join: Only ParallelChain private sale participants can enter the lucky draw for $PPAD.

🎲 How to win: The winner selection is completely random, every participant has the same fair chance of winning. Multiple entries will not increase your chance of winning and will result in disqualification,

📅 Result: The list of $PPAD winners will be released in 1 week after the entry closes. PlayPad will distribute 100 $PPAD tokens to 100 winners’ BEP20 addresses within 48 hours after the announcement.

✍️ Enter the draw: (the link will activate when it's time.)


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