Revolutionary blockchain ParallelChain™ launches native token XPLL

Digital Transaction Limited, the company behind the quantum-leap enterprise blockchain ParallelChain™, has announced the launch of its native utility token XPLL. ParallelChain™ is quickly becoming one of the most influential blockchains for fast innovation disrupting the distributed ledger technology space.

XPLL is now available for pre-sale and will be available on exchanges in 2021.

What is ParallelChain™?
ParallelChain™ is your very own personal, enterprise and public blockchain all-in-one. It is the fastest, most scalable, most secure and private enterprise blockchain on the market today and is a game-changer for all companies, especially for the financial industry.

ParallelChain™ is underpinned by a unique algorithm called Proof-of-Immutability (PoIM) that is defined by not needing consensus at the time of record writing and guarantees no forking, no mining, real-time latency and no data-leaks for the public side of the blockchain.

What is XPLL?
The XPLL token is a purpose-driven utility token that allows enterprises to exploit Digital Transaction’s unique and breakthrough blockchain technology to maximise their business potential and unlock their digital future now. XPLL will be issued as a fungible ERC-20 token and can be held in conventional ERC-20 compatible wallets, or even more securely stored in the ParallelWallet.

What is the ParallelWallet?
ParallelWallet is a personal blockchain crypto wallet in the palm of your hand, that is both unforgettable and unhackable, providing owners with complete peace of mind when holding XPLLs or any other crypto asset.

Ian Huang, CEO of Digital Transaction, states “The introduction of the XPLL Token enables us to offer a marketplace of decentralised services for our customers and partners. With ParallelChain™, enterprises are coming to the realization that they can finally deploy blockchain technology at the core of their digital transformation initiatives with zero compromises, making them more efficient and creating new revenue streams. The pre-sales of XPLLs offer participants the chance to invest and take part in the development of this revolutionary technology and secure XPLL tokens before they become publicly listed on multiple exchanges in the second half of 2021.”

About Digital Transaction Limited
Founded in 2018, Digital Transaction Limited is a Hong Kong breakthrough enterprise blockchain technology company. Digital Transaction is the home of ParallelChain™, the fastest, most scalable and the only GDPR privacy compliant blockchain in the world. With 10 patents pending, as well as an award-winning technical team, strong business execution and deep market insight, Digital Transaction consistently rolls out technical innovation leading the Distributed Ledger Technology movement with unmatched products that unlock enterprises’ digital transformation initiatives.

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