6 Irresistible April Fools’ Day Pranks To Try at Work

Upside down clock? A drawer full of fake spiders? Coworkers wearing their shirts inside out at the office? What’s going on? It’s April Fools’ Day! Don’t be alarmed by any breaking news you’ll hear today as likely only half of it will be true.

April Fools’ Day is most commonly celebrated in Western cultures by playing practical jokes on friends. In the last couple of years however, celebrities, newspapers, and news channels have joined in on the fun by pulling off some of their own wild hoaxes on April 1st.

You might be familiar with the infamous Swiss Spaghetti Harvest prank pulled by BBC news show, Panorama. They reported that Swiss farmers were enjoying a healthy spaghetti crop thanks to the mild winter they were having. Footage showed farmers pulling strands of spaghetti from trees, resulting in viewers calling to ask how they could grow their own spaghetti trees.

If this prank has inspired you to come up with some of your own, then you’re in the right place. The Kintone team has shared some of their best pranks for your enjoyment:

#1 — I’ll ask my twin brother to attend our weekly team meeting and see if anyone notices. -Mike

#2 — You could switch the wireless dongles on your coworkers’ computers, so when one person is using the mouse it is interacting with another PC and vice versa. Just for fun. -Tim

#3 — I covered my colleagues entire cubicle with recycled paper. Everything from her floor, the ceiling, chair, desk, her wall — completely covered. Since her cubicle was notoriously known for being messy, she was going to have to clean it up to remove the paper. -Michelle

#4 — Put a stapler inside Jello mix, once it hardens serve it on a plate and they’ll have to eat the Jello to get to the stapler. You can also try this out with any other office item. In case it rings a bell, yes this was inspired by The Office. -Christian

#5 — My coworker once opened a ton of tabs on my laptop and searched really random topics like: What do snails eat? Where do I get plastic surgery? How do I know I have a good nose? When I came back to my laptop I was super confused! -Georgina

#6 — Smirk in delight as you watch Nicolas Cage take over your coworker’s screen with this handy Chrome extension that will replace every image viewed on Chrome with a different photo of Nicolas Cage. — Nicole

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There you have it! Remember that April Fools’ Day is all about making other people laugh, if you think a prank will not be well received or violates a company policy, then it’s worth reconsidering.

We hope our team inspired you to pull a friendly prank or at least to brace yourself for your team members’ antics. For our pasta lovers out there, I hear the Swiss farmers are finally revealing their secret to growing spaghetti in your own backyard. ;)

Originally published at blog.kintone.com.



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