In 2016, your project is never finished, no matter whether you’re talking about a website, campaign, or data visualization.
The 5 Trends Brands Need to Know From John Maeda’s #DesignInTech Report
Joshua Lasky

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest challenges that digital professionals face when we talk to anyone about the work that we do.

After all, it can be incredibly challenging to frame an agile philosophy in a way that doesn’t seem overbearing, especially for those who may be approaching a big project like a website redesign or a new digital brand strategy for the first time. “The project is never finished” can sure sound an awful lot like “yeah, I’m going to need you to keep paying me forever.”

In my experience, the key to meeting this challenge is to provide positive and consistent communication.

The concept of “incremental improvement” does square nicely with many corporate philosophies related to continual improvement and it also harmonizes nicely with the mission-centric approaches of nonprofits and associations. There are common bonds to forge — and an optimistic, reassuring approach helps bonds develop faster.

Similarly, this philosophy should be reinforced as a foundational approach in every touchpoint in the process: from introduction, to pitch, to kickoff, to execution, to launch. Then, hopefully, by the time the first iteration of the brand’s product is released to the world, your clients are just as much of an ambassador for the philosophy as you are.