Love letter to a Software Engineer

Dear Engineer,
I’ve heard you’re both talented and passionate about technology. That’s awesome! I hope you’re scratching that itch in your current job. You deserve to be.

I for one have discovered a place where I feel valued for exactly these passions and I want to share my experiences with you.

I’m spending my working day in a modern office with equally enthusiastic colleagues. There are no bosses breathing down my neck. No hierarchy. Just people with roles to fulfil and the drive to fulfil them. I’m part of a team that’s creating products which run in unique situations — on cruise ships. I do this with modern technologies, which I’m given the time to learn, as needed. Currently, the tech stack includes Swift, Elm, Go, Kotlin, React Native, AWS, Kubernetes and, to name drop a some more, I’ve also completed projects with React and Vue.

Photos by Adrian Payne

The challenges I’m facing with my colleagues involve providing cruise goers with every piece of information they could possibly need to make their vacation more enjoyable. However, while you’re busy relaxing on a floating theme park, it might not immediately come to mind that a lot of this information is hard to access when your surroundings are a maze of metal in the middle of the ocean, interfering with that connected experience you had taken for granted back on shore. Finding out what information I need to provide to our guests is one challenge and extracting that information from a fleet of legacy systems, with different versions running on the different ships, is another… and I love it!

Another challenge, as my colleagues and I are based in Hamburg, is deployment. This stems from it not always being possible to visit every ship with every new release. Our continuous delivery pipeline needs to work with satellite connections that might interrupt data transfer for a few minutes or more. We need to handle that.

Our pairing and feedback culture helps us overcome these challenges and also helps to spread knowledge, prevent disruptive conditions, and support my personal growth as a developer.

Photos by Adrian Payne

In summary, it’s never dull and boring, which is something that I must admit I’ve comes across frequently in previous positions. Do you know this feeling?

If you like the sound of all of that or have any ideas to make this an even better place to work, I’d love to meet with you for a coffee in HafenCity, Hamburg.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us,

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