More oddities with Facebook’s Ad Manager

Put yourself to the test. Tell me the difference between this ad…

Facebook Ad 1

And this one…

Facebook Ad 2

If you said nothing, you’d be correct. But that’s not the way Facebook’s Ad Manager sees it.

The first ad was approved and ran for a day and a half with no issues. I got billed $500 for the run.

Screenshot of campaign results for Ad 1

Based on a pretty successful campaign, I resubmitted it to run a little bit longer and got this. Unapproved.

Screenshot from FB Ad manager for Ad 2

I’ve appealed and reached out to FB ad manager team (which I’ve mentioned before is pretty awesome, even if they can’t quite give you the answer). I’ll keep you posted.

If you’re interested, I’ve recently posted a couple of other oddities that have popped up: here are ads Facebook rejected for “sexual content” in which there was none (unless you count the person in the wheelchair who got their car payment paid for), or how Facebook rejected ads using their own licensed stock photos, but accepted the same ad with licensed Adobe stock photos.

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