How To Lose Money Fast With Retargeting

Today I’m going to show you how to lose a lot of money, really fast, with retargeting.

Now, I know I’m being a little bit facetious here. I obviously want to help you make money — not lose money.

But showing you how to lose money with retargeting is important because I see so many people doing it and then scratching their heads when they see their measly ROI.

So just play along with my reverse psychology for a minute and let’s get on to it.

How to Lose Money — What Not to Do

What you should not do with your retargeting ads is retarget everybody.

There are so many people out there who are treating retargeting like it’s the same thing as list building. They just want to collect as many names as possible.

Which means cookie-ing as many people as possible, resulting in a HUGE retargeting pool. But that’s just not how you use retargeting.

(If that method is proving to be profitable for you, you must have a really amazing offer.)

How to Make Up to 500% ROI on Your Ads

The BEST way to use retargeting is by retargeting people who have shown interest in your product but just have not converted yet.

So let me tell you about the most profitable retargeting campaign that you can do and that I think everybody should be doing. In fact, I think you’re nuts if you’re not doing this because it is so simple.

You should be placing a retargeting code on your order form. And by the way, you might be shocked to find out just how many people are landing on your order form and not completing the purchase.

What do we know about leads who land on our order form but don’t end up buying?

Well, that person was definitely interested in your offer. Hell, they’ve read your sales letter and were interested enough to click the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

But who knows what unexpected, random thing happened to prevent them from going through with the purchase?

Maybe little Johnny started crying because he spilled some milk in the living room and your potential customer had to run and they forgot to finish buying. Or maybe they were at work, about to purchase and their boss came in.

Life happens out there and people don’t always complete the sale.

It’s also possible that they realized they just aren’t ready to purchase yet. Or maybe they were ready, and then they asked their wife or husband and they said no.

Whatever it is, drop a retargeting form on your order form and then if that person doesn’t buy, show them ads to try and bring them back.

Give them a 10% off discount. Give them a $25 discount — whatever it takes to close the sale.

Use that retargeting cookie to bring them back to complete that sale.

What I just described to you — putting retargeting code on your order device — is the most profitable campaign that I run for my clients and up until now, every single time that I have used this it has been profitable for my clients.

Sometimes, as much as 300%, 400%, or 500% ROI with this order-form campaign.

Which Leads to Spend Your Retargeting Budget On

Like I said earlier, retargeting everyone who lands on your page, even if they were there for just a second, can end up WASTING a lot of your money and diluting your ROI down to the red.

That’s why you want to target anyone who has officially become a ‘Lead’. So if they’ve come to your website and they entered in their contact information because they want more from you — that person has just made a ‘Qualifying Action’.

What do I mean by ‘Qualifying Action’? That person has shown you that they’re much more qualified for you to spend money on marketing to them.

But what I constantly see everybody doing wrong is that they’re dropping that retargeting code on their landing page.

We all know that at least 50% if not more, of all those people landing on your landing page are leaving right away.

So many people are landing on that page and they’re just completely unqualified to buy, completely unqualified to even market to, but people are out there retargeting these people, spending money — no, excuse me, wasting money retargeting people who couldn’t give two craps about your offer.

So who are we going to retarget?

We’re going to retarget anyone who has become a lead. That means that if they read your blog, if they read your emails, retarget them.

Remember to always make sure that when you’re using retargeting that you’re retargeting someone that is worth spending money on and you’ll see your retargeting campaigns become much more profitable.

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