The 1 Minute TV Ads (Evolution of Television Advertising with time).

Evolution of Television Advertising with time

With change in time, the methods and idea used for advertising has also changed. Do you remember the time when there use to be only one channel DD National. Every Sunday it was day for movies and after every half an hour there used to come ads for different products (“Pehle Istemal Kare Fir Vishwas Kare”, “Fena Hi Lena”, “Lijjat Pappad” etc) for half an hour, people used to consider it as their time to complete their pending home works. With time the number of channels increased and time for advertisement decreased to 5 to 10 minutes. But this time people had the option to switch to other channel where no ads are being displayed.

Generally people are not aware of the fact that every company and government spends crores and crores of Rupees for creating one ad. The companies realized the loss they occur if customers are not watching the ads. The basic problem was:

1. One ad cost crores and time limit for ads cannot exceed 30 to 35 sec on television.

2. People switching the channel.

After understanding the problem now it was turn to take some step, and solution arrived in form of:

1. Displaying ad time- After seeing the time limit for ads viewer does not feel like changing the channel saying the its matter of just 1 or 2 mins.

2. Ads on all channel at same time- If all channels shows ads at the same time it makes viewer feel dis-interested in changing the channel.

3. Scrolling of important information, banner etc on screen.

These are some of the practices that are being used, which will definitely upgrade in coming future as life and choices are dynamic and not stagnant. So, next time when ad comes do recall about it. You can read the same on my blog link !

Do comment below. Your Suggestion and Recommendation is appreciated.

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