You’re Missing Out on Free Facebook Likes

If you advertise on Facebook, or plan to, this post is for you!

There is no denying the power of the Facebook advertising ecosystem (Facebook & Instagram). It is the gold-standard by which all social advertising platforms are judged and will likely always be. Campaigns are centered around roughly one dozen marketing objectives and targeting options are incredibly sophisticated. Accordingly, over 3MM advertisers are actively seeking the attention of 1.7B+ monthly active users.

Regardless of the above campaign objectives chosen, secondary benefits almost always include increased brand awareness, page likes, and likes/shares on ads themselves. Today I want to focus on the likes and shares your ad will inevitably receive.

If you’re not doing this, you’re not getting your money’s worth!

Below you’ll see the “home page” for a recently wrapped up “website clicks” campaign. This particular campaign consisted of one ad that generated 250k+ impressions and 4100+ website clicks on a budget of $1000.

Since this was a standalone ad, and not a boosted post, the ad itself never appeared on the brand’s page. The only way to see it, and the accompanying likes/shares, is to click on “See Post” in the highlighted area of the image below.

Now that we’ve done that, we can see that the ad in this campaign received over 765 likes. That’s 765+ people that fit the demographic we decided to target. And, more importantly for this conversation, that’s 765+ people we now have the ability to invite to like our page. All we have to do is click the hyperlinked area on the post telling us how many people have liked it. I’ve highlighted this area on the image below.

Once we’ve done that, we get a pop-up showing us every user that has liked the post. We can see whether or not they’ve already liked our page as well as whether or not we’ve already invited them to like our page. In the image below, you’ll see a combination of the two. I took a screenshot after inviting anyone who hadn’t already liked the page to do so. Prior to this, the boxes that say “Invited” said “Invite,” telling me that those individuals were fair game.

Using this method, I grew the Facebook audience of an established page by over 37% last month.

You can do this too! In fact, you can use this method on all of your regular page posts as well. Though you’ll obviously net greater results when doing it with paid advertisements.

Now, you may be asking “why bother, likes don’t mean anything, right?” Wrong!

While the value of a like is a hotly contested subject, there is no denying that perception is reality. Consumers want to see that other people like them have “endorsed” your brand by liking your page. Furthermore, the larger your audience the greater your potential organic reach. While the Facebook ecosystem will always be pay-to-play, there is no reason to downplay either of these benefits. After all, consumers live in a sea of marketing and businesses need every advantage they can get.

If you’re interested in learning more about what the Facebook advertising ecosystem can do for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear from you!

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