Day 10: Off to Norway

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been dreaming of visiting Scandinavia. Today, it’s finally happening.

Boarding SAS to Bergen, Norway from the airport in Wroclaw, Poland.

We had a short layover in Copenhagen, Denmark … where the most comfortable airport seats in the world exist.

Seriously, these seats are amazing.

The flight to Bergen made the best use of an onboard entertainment system I’ve ever seen. The airplane had a camera at the nose and underneath and streamed the feed onto the in-cabin TVs. It was pretty awesome to watch take-off and approach via the TV, as well as to be able to see what was below us during the flight.

Our approach to Bergen. Maybe I nerded out about this feature because I’m a pilot … but I seriously loved it.

After the flight, it was time to jump on a bus to the center of Bergen and then hike up a steep hill to the apartment we rented with Airbnb.

Ours is the house with the orange door.

Our host has been great, gave us a detailed explanation of where to go and what to do, and even bought us a bunch of fresh fruit for when we arrived.

Inside of the apartment we will stay in. We each have our own bed, though the other two are singles instead of a double.

After getting checked-in, situated, and going grocery shopping, we took a walk down to a park by the sea.

Sunset from the park.

The park was cool, filled with paths and benches and trees … and even a totem pole.

The totem pole in the park.

Bergen so far seems like a pretty fun place to be. We’ll get to explore it more fully tomorrow.

The picture is a bit dark, but it was past 9pm, so really … it’s kind of amazing it was still so light out ( it stays light out really late in the far north during the summer ).
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