Day 59–63: Moving to Ivano-Frankivsk

My hotel in Ivano-Frankivsk. Really, it’s a restaurant with six rooms for rent on the 2nd floor.

Day 59:

Monday again. It was good to catch up on sleep yesterday, but it’s time to get back to work again today. It’s my last week in Lviv, which is sad because just today I discovered that the “snidanok” ( breakfast ) roll at McDonald’s is actually pretty awesome and I’m not sure if Ivano-Frankivsk has McDonald’s. Yes, you can make fun of me for visiting McDonald’s.

Day 60:

There’s a restaurant in Lviv themed after the Hutsels. It’s a fun restaurant with decent food. I had lunch there today with one of my SoftServe co-workers. The two of us talked a bit about Ukrainian politics, as he is running for office in Lviv. I wish him luck.

The Hutsel-themed restaurant. There’s actually a bear in a ( large ) cage down the path at left.

Day 61:

I have less than 30 days left before I have to return to the United States. Think I can find a way to convince work that I need to stay longer sometime in the next few weeks? I don’t know how to begin describing how amazing this adventure has been so far and how much I really don’t look forward to coming back home.

Day 62:

I’ve never asked someone out on a date in a foreign language before. That changed today.

Those language lessons are paying off.

Day 63:

I leave for Ivano-Frankivsk early this morning and will spend the day working from the office there. Luckily, this time, I do not miss my train. Primarily because this time I have help finding the right platform ( no one wants a repeat of last time ).

My sleeper cabin on the train. There are two seats, but the other was empty so I got the whole cabin to myself.

I tried to get some pictures of the countryside as the train traveled through, but there was a strong reflection on the window and often we were moving too quickly for me to get a good shot of anything. However, as I said before, the Ukrainian countryside is beautiful and passing through villages can be very interesting. A lot of agricultural work is still done by hand, which is pretty cool to see when you’re from a country where it’s all done by tractor and automation.

See — the glare from the window is terrible. And you can barely make out the woman milking a cow … she looks more like a smaller black blob next to a larger black blob. But I tried?

Tomorrow, we are heading into the Carpathian mountains for a two day hike, so tonight we head to the grocery store to grab some food. I love that the vegetables at the store are so fresh that they’ve still got the dirt on them from when they were pulled out of the ground.

What food should look like … natural and irregular and great.

Also, yes, dinner tonight was great. Look for pictures tomorrow from our adventures in the Carpathians.

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