Day 65-69: Life in Ivano-Frankivsk

A tour of the beehive’s in the backyard of the house we stayed at

Day 65:

Wake up late and see that it’s still snowing. Really glad that we didn’t stay in the mountains last night. We are treated to another feast for breakfast and then go outside to take a look at the beehives my friend’s father keeps. He has about 70 of them, which in total produce about 7,000 liters of honey every year. He built each of the hives himself, by hand. It’s pretty awesome. Even more awesome, before we go, he gives each of us a liter of honey free of charge. And yes, it tastes amazing.

On our way back to Ivano-Frankivsk … it’s still snowing

In the early afternoon we hop in the van and drive to a bus station nearby where we pick up a bus back to Ivano-Frankivsk. The weekend was awesome, but I’m also exhausted. Time to rest so I can be ready for work tomorrow.

Day 66:

A day at the office, but a day at the office followed by futbol. Ukraine is playing against Spain in the last game of group qualifiers for the European Championship. Spain is comfortably at the top of the group, but if Ukraine wins they advance as well. If Ukraine loses, then hope is not lost, but they have to play through a bracket to win advancement.

Watching the match at a pub

A bunch of us head out after work and watch the match. The pub we visit has a British theme, complete with a Queen who is judging you.

This picture is strategically placed in the men’s restroom … talk about making a guy uncomfortable

Finger foods here are awesome and include pig ears. Yes, you heard that right — pig ears. дуже смачно ( very tasty ).

Pig ears. It sounds gross and they look like worms, but I thoroughly enjoy them.

Unfortunately, Ukraine loses the match, but they did play well. They had a lot of chances at goal, but Spain’s keeper was a brick wall.

Day 67:

Last night was a bit of a late night, but we do manage to drag ourselves into work and actually put in a productive day. In fact, we continue working until almost midnight getting things done so that we can enjoy tomorrow, which is a holiday honoring those who protect Ukraine.

Day 68:

We’ve got a day off today, but actually still need to go into the office during US working hours in order to coordinate with some of the guys over there and get a few features of a program working for them. However, before that, we take advantage of the holiday and go bowling.

None of us are great, but none of us are terrible. A fun few games were had.

Day 69:

Our hard work this week pays off with a great review meeting in which we deliver even on our stretch goals. To celebrate, we’ll head out for sushi.

Hanging out at the sushi restaurant, waiting for our food

And after sushi, we decided to head back out to go bowling because yesterday the girls weren’t able to come along.

Maybe if I keep going to the bowling alley this often, I’ll actually be good at it?

While bowling, I got a message about some trouble with one of the features we delivered earlier in the day after it was pushed up to stage. So, from the bowling alley, I jumped into the code and worked with the US team in trouble-shooting. We got the issue worked out quickly ( it resulted from minor differences between local and stage environments ), but while working on it I had to periodically interrupt my work for my turn at bowling. So I bowled strikes and got right back to work. Seriously. Maybe I should have such situations come up more often.

We weren’t ready for our night to be over after bowling, so we headed upstairs to the pub to sit and talk and slaughter each other’s languages while we all try to learn both Ukrainian ( me ) and English ( everyone else ).

The night continues

After a while, everyone is hungry again. After all, it’s 3:00 and we haven’t eaten since 19:00. Unfortunately, the kitchen at the pub is closed, so we head out to a 24 hr fast food spot called Chicken Hut ( that’s not a translated name, it’s actually called Chicken Hut and spelled in the Roman alphabet ).

Chicken strips and fries. If the drinks were 10x larger with 2x the sugar I’d think we were in the USA

After Chicken Hut we were staring at 4:00 and the realization that we’d all need to be at work in a few hours. So it was time to go home and get what little sleep we could. At least tomorrow is Friday.