Day 75–78: First Days in Chernivtsi

View of Chernivtsi from the office

Day 75:

My first full day in Chernivtsi. We are working in a high-rise building near the edge of town. The marshrootka we take to get to the office is 3 UAH, or $0.13. Public transit at these prices is pretty awesome.

Our office is on the ninth floor. Thankfully, there is an elevator ( the offices in Lviv and in Ivano-Frankivsk did not have elevators ). The day consists primarily of work, work, and work. For lunch, we visit a pizzeria called Rancho that has a cowboy theme. I eat the “very spicy” dynamite pizza at the most spicy level they make it. It’s very good. The level of spice is about that of a medium salsa.

The door to our office. The word simply says “Ukraine” ( Oo0-kra-yee-na ).

Day 76:

I forgot to get a photo of the office building yesterday. So here it is. Also, we took a different marshrootka to work today, and it was only $0.07!

The SoftServe offices in Chernivtsi are on several floors of this building. Like many buildings in Ukraine, the building once had a military function during the time of the Soviet Union.

Today is Thursday, so we have another sprint review. Things with our project continue to move forward very well. Unfortunately, I’ll have only one more sprint review with me in Ukraine with the guys. It will be interesting to see if the experience here continues to translate to more effective sprints when I return to the USA.

Day 77:

So far in Chernivtsi, we’ve pretty much seen only the hotel, the office, and the inside of a couple of restaurants. Tonight, we take a short stroll through the city center and stop off at a restaurant — Kyoto Sushi — there for dinner. I did not get any pictures of the city center tonight ( don’t worry, I’ll get some ), but Kyoto had a pretty cool interior so I took a picture of the Koi pond they have on the stairs.

Kyoto Sushi in Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Day 78:

Today is an exciting day because we have special guests arriving from Ivano-Frankivsk. They arrive at about 11:00. After a relaxing late breakfast, we all head out for a walk back into the city center.

Yeah … she came all the way from Ivano-Frankivsk to spend the day. This pose is our secret agent pose. With finger-guns.

I kind of failed again at getting pictures of the city center, but we also visited the old university in Chernivtsi, which is a sight all on its own and is a UNESCO protected site.

Entering the grounds of the University
The University Church
Inside the University Church
The weather is cold with rain off and on, but we’re still having a good time.

After touring through the University, we stopped at a restaurant for a late lunch and then, sadly, had to drop my visitor off at the bus station for a ride back home. Afterwards, we continued on to see a few more sights around Chernivtsi.

Chernivtsi is actually a sister city of Salt Lake City. Kind of cool.
A giant bike sculpture in the city.
A unique church. It’s called the Drunk Church because of the way the side spires twist.
The city offices in Chernivtsi. During the ouster of Yanukovich, the people of Chernivtsi ( my friend who lives here included ) peacefully occupied this building as they demanded that the voices of the people, not the wants of Russia, be heard. So that’s why you’re seeing a picture of a non-descript building.

Overall, even though it was a little cold with a bit of rain, today was a good day. And, I finally took a picture from the city center. Though, at night.

Sitting on a bench on the main pedestrian street of Chernivtsi.

Tomorrow is election day in Ukraine, so people will be going to their various hometowns to cast votes for mayor, city council, etc. Me … I’ll be going to see a couple of castles.