Day 87: Last Day of Work in Ukraine

This is it. My last day working in Ukraine. I’m not going to lie, today is a depressing day for me. But that’s only because right now my mind is on all of the great experiences I’ve had here. I’m sure that, as I get on the airplane back to the US, I’ll start thinking of all of the great things ahead of me there.

Not a lot of pictures today. Like I said, I’ve been a bit down about leaving. We had a small dinner after work at a nice cafe that served a bunch of different Belgian Waffles ( apparently they’re big everywhere ). They also had blocks you could play with. So, of course, we played with blocks.

The Eiffel Tower of Ivano-Frankivsk … tell me it’s not a wonder of engineering.

As I was standing outside of my hotel waiting for everyone to show up, I was reflecting on the day, the previous week, and my entire trip out here. Looking at the experience as a whole, I could only wonder at how amazing life can be. And it can be that way for everyone. The only requirement is that you buy in.

When I say buy in, I mean the same thing that is often said in movies and motivational speeches. I mean carpe diem. I mean grab on and don’t let go. I mean escape your comfort zone and see all that life has to offer you outside of it. Are there moments that went poorly during my travels? Yes, there are. Do I regret them? No, I do not. Because nothing bad on this trip happened due to my own inaction, my own indecision, or my failure to take a risk. Because the only time you have regrets is when you don’t grab on. When you don’t take the bull by the horns and direct it where you want it to go. And believe me, you can tell it where to go. Life is not random, it is not uncontrolled. It is what you choose for it to be.

I’m sure this picture looks pointless, but it’s what I was looking at as I was thinking, so it matters to me.