15 CIOs worth following on Twitter

Megan Wilson
Mar 14, 2019 · 6 min read

What do the top CIOs think about? What do they do in their free time? What’s the latest trends and innovations sparking new ideas?

Not too long ago, these questions may have been left unanswered. However, Twitter provides the perfect platform to bridge that gap to learn from some of the top CIO minds. They offer unique insights and thoughts on the latest trends on their Twitter Feed. We’ve picked out 15 of the top CIOs worth following on Twitter, that are making an impact on digital transformation. Here is the list in no particular order:

1. Jim Fowler

Position: CIO, Nationwide Insurance

What he tweets about: Jim regular tweets about digital disruption within the insurance industry. He also regularly posts articles and retweets in relation to the skills needed to survive in a digitally transformed world.

Tweet example: By 2020, 75 percent of organizations will experience visible business disruptions due to technology skills gaps. We have to find a way to tap into new sources of talent. If you’re looking for a solution, check out Year Up.

2. David Chou

Position: CIO, Children’s Mercy Hospitals

What he tweets about: Big Data in the healthcare sector, cyber insurance, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, digital consumption.

Tweet example: Healthcare conference swag: Glucometers to monitor blood sugar -@chrissyfarr. Their journey towards an applied signal company. Do you think the model will work?

3. Dennis Klemenz

Position: CIO, Connex Credit Union

What he tweets about: Data visualisation and analytics, cybersecurity, digital transformation, AI and blockchain (and lots of sport). Dennis provides a unique insight into the challenges banks are facing in the digital era.

Tweet example: Question for Tesla owners — are you concerned about battery replacement and have you considered that in your TCO? (I’m not a Tesla hater, I actually love the tech)

4. Raechelle Clemmons

Position: CIO, Texas Woman’s University.

What she tweets about: Digital transformation at higher education institutes, gender diversity and cost-saving techniques in the digital era. Raechelle is a Twitter social justice warrior looking at leveraging digital transformation to provide equal opportunities for education.

Tweet example: Estimated #OER cost savings to students is staggering. Example: 15 sections of elementary statistics, 50 stus/class, $100+ per textbook. That’s $75,000 saved in 1 semester for 1 class alone. Imagine the possibilities if everyone used #OER!

5. Kenneth Corriveau

Position: CIO, Omnicom Media Group Worldwide,

What he tweets about: Articles on blockchain, innovation, cloud technology, user experience and design, workplace productivity and leadership.

Tweet example: A three-step concept by @DavidLinthicum on how to achieve #SecurityIntegration. Easier said than done, but still doable. https://www.infoworld.com/article/3326561/cloud-security/the-path-to-cloud-security-goes-through-integration.html

6. Andrew Wilson

Position: CIO, Accenture

What he tweets about: Future of work, delivering value to customers through technology, major innovation trends, coding.

Tweet example: The days of calling something “digital” to imply it is new are numbered. What comes next? #TechVision2019

7. Matt Busigin

Position: CIO, Hover Networks

What he tweets about: Matt is obsessed with forecasting the economy and understanding the effect digital disruption has on it. His twitter feed is filled with interesting graphs and visuals depicting economic trends, digital trends and technological developments.

Tweet example: People underestimate how dynamic the economy is. Push a little here, pull a little there. So much gets worked out intra-cycle — and most of what people think is an extra-cycle issue is really not.

8. Mike D Kail: (mike d. kail)

Position: CIO, Cybric

What he tweets about: Artificial intelligence, Cloud security, Big Data, Microsoft technology, digital transformation.

Tweet example: To Catch A Spy: The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence https://buff.ly/2C0Esgr

9. Ryan Fay

Position: CIO, Speciality Benefits

What he tweets about: Blockchain, the gig economy, digital transformation, leadership and cloud security.

Tweet example: The now economy is opening up so many opportunities. This gentleman is riding a @birdride scooter while working for @grubhub delivering dinner to someone. This form of transportation was not available ~2 yr ago. Coupled w/ the gig economy, this has enabled opportunities for many!

10. Adam L Stanley

Position: Global CIO, Cushman & Wakefield

What he tweets about: New practices in leadership, management, entrepreneurship, real estate, property technology. Adam provides interesting insight about how technology is changing the real estate industry (chatbots, website design, personalization, etc.). He is also obsessed with seeing startups succeed.

Tweet example: From meditating to delegating; how I manage work-life balance as a startup founder #startups

11. Cynthia Stoddard

Position: CIO, Adobe

What she tweets about: All things Adobe outlook on the world, emerging innovation trends, people management, employee experience. One of the world’s leading technology companies, Cynthia provides inside information of what’s happening in the world of Adobe.

Tweet example: #BigData is at the center of the digital world, and it should be at the center of your professional fold, too. Read more about its impact, and how to begin pulling numbers for yourself: https://adobe.ly/2EhNqGq

12. Bask Iyer

Position: CIO, Dell Tech

What he tweets about: Bask regularly tweets about digital disruption, how to leverage big data, and practical application of AI in the real world.

Tweet example: Innovation is slowing down overall, but #AI might be able to help solve the problems that innovation requires. A top CIO and strong digital team is critical for all drug companies

13. Sabine Everaet

Position: CIO for EMEA, Coca Cola

What she tweets about: Digital Insights, women in the workplace, data, organizational culture, disruptive technology, consumer trends. A true ambassador for females in digital transformation, which shows through her tweets and work. Some of her retweets are in Dutch, so you may need to use Google Translate.

Tweet example: Repairing the pipeline: Perspectives on diversity and inclusion in IT http://bit.ly/2pYOFnr via @DeloitteInsight

14. Tom Bartiromo

Position: CIO, iLab

What he tweets about: Digital health trends, regulations, policies, collaboration between IT and government, healthcare, big data, cybersecurity strategies.

Tweet example: #HealthIT moves to give patients immediate electronic access to more of their data. @mpweinstock @modernhealthcr

15. Lee Congdon: (lcongdon)

Position: CIO, Ellucian

What he tweets about: Lee’s Twitter account provides a personal touch of what life is like as a Global CIO thought leader. He tweets about Technology trends, cybersecurity but also about wine, photography and golf.

Tweet example: # The 10 worst technologies of the 21st century https://buff.ly/2GO5Gek

It’s clear that CIOs are purposefully participating in the sharing economy. By providing learnings, failures and insights for free, they are contributing to a pool of open information for anyone to learn from.

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