Recap: AMA with DigitalBits Blockchain Founder, Al Burgio

Dec 7, 2021 · 9 min read

12/7/2021 — Al Burgio, #DigitalBits Blockchain founder, joined us for a Telegram AMA. Catch up on the latest updates below! Going forward we are planning to have monthly AMAs for the community. Make sure to join our Telegram so you don’t miss out on the next one.

Barrow: Hey guys, thanks for the welcoming messages earlier. I’d like to welcome you all to this highly anticipated AMA with Al who needs no introduction! We have selected 9 community questions to discuss today. Going forward we are planning to have a monthly AMA for you all. With that being said, let’s get straight into it!

Welcome Al, it’s a pleasure to have you here today

Al Burgio: Thank you George! Hello everyone, I’m very excited to be here today!

I know there have been numerous questions and concerns due to the recent changes at the Foundation, etc. I’m here today to speak in my personal capacity and as the founder of the DigitalBits blockchain, to share the insight that I have related to my involvement in the community. As you all know, I am also the founder & CEO of Zytara, and will also answer certain questions related to Zytara. I understand that the Managing Director of the Foundation Daniele Mensi will also be following up later today with an update related to the changes at the Foundation. So let’s get started!

Barrow: Thanks for that Al, Let’s get started with the questions.

Thank you to everyone who submitted, there will be more opportunities soon!

Our first question today comes from @Nas0320 , this is a question that’s been on everyone’s mind for a while.

Is there any update you can provide to the community on mainnet?

Al Burgio: There definitely appears to be significant confusion in the community as it relates to DigitalBits mainnet. First off, let me recap some history. The DigitalBits mainnet (now known as 1.0) first launched in 2018 and a substantial upgrade was completed in Feb2021 (now referred to as the 2.0 upgrade). The DigitalBits network (ie. mainnet or main network) has been operational throughout. Tools and applications like the wallet enable users to interact with both mainnet and testnet, this includes both digitalbits tokens and testnet tokens as well as other tokens that have been created on the DigitalBits network.

So the mainnet is operational. More nodes have been added to the networks. And more applications have been and continue to be built using the DigitalBits blockchain.

Any developer can have access to mainnet nodes to build applications on the blockchain, and more have even joined this month.

I also believe that many ask “when is mainnet going live”, but in fact what they are really meaning to ask is “when is XDB ERC20 swappable for mainnet tokens”. This is an important clarification for the community. So please let me repeat, “Mainnet has been and is live”.

Over the last 6 months we have experienced significant exciting opportunities that we did not expect near the start of the year. This has helped us grow the brand, connections and become more mainstream for a massive new audience. That being said, we have of course not forgotten about the importance of other key products, if anything it has made development expansion even more of a priority. We want to ensure our new partnerships are properly onboarded. Rest assured that mainnet token swap is near and tokens are already active on mainnet. The Foundation is in the midst of scheduling a swap for February/March 2022. This delay is primarily attributed to the transition of former Foundation staff. As you know, exchanges have already publicly announced their support for mainnet integration.

Barrow: Thank you for the response.

I’m sure the community is really happy to know that February/March is the target!

It’s also interesting to see that there has been an inflow of developers and I’m definitely excited to see the work that has been built.

The next question is from @MakeandMultiply:

When can we expect a tier 1 exchange listing?

Al Burgio: In light of the large organizations that continue to join the DigitalBits ecosystem such as AS Roma and Inter Milan, among others, the global awareness of DigitalBits has increased significantly. I am aware of discussions with tier 1 exchanges. In light of all of the achievements reached in 2021 and those upcoming, at this stage I personally would also like to see the first tier1 exchange come online in January. Disclosing exchange names with whom discussions are taking place would obviously violate the policy that exchanges have…causing delay and possibly disqualification.
So no names can be mentioned at this time.

With the partnership announcements that have been made and those anticipated very soon, I don’t have any concerns with this key milestone.

Really exciting to know that you see January as a target for this.

2022 is really looking exciting so far!

Barrow: The third question comes from @dezischuiling

What will Totti do for the growth of DigitalBits?

Al Burgio: Yesterday Francesco Totti was unveiled as the first DigitalBits global brand ambassador! An absolute legend!! He was selected as the first for a number of reasons, especially with all of the activity across Italy and with AS Roma being one of the first major sports partnerships.

Zytara also secured Totti’s exclusive NFT rights for the next 3 years.
^^^ this is new news that wasn’t mentioned yesterday.

We held a press conference in Rome announcing the collaboration, where over 60 international journalists and reporters attended. The energy in the room was incredible!

In anticipation of Totti coming onboard, we have seen hundreds of thousands of social media engagements. Totti alone received over 450,000 views on DigitalBits video and 75K likes on his posts with many of his followers being other big brands and influencers — but this is only the beginning with him!!

He plans to help educate his fans and network and help to onboard new brands onto DigitalBits. Totti has a history of working with major brands. If we’re building the blockchain for brands, having brand ambassadors helps to expand global exposure with both consumers and major enterprises. In my personal experience, this is a strategy that works very well when introduced at the appropriate time into a brand’s journey.

I’m super excited to once again welcome Francesco Totti into our ecosystem!

Barrow: Totti becoming a global ambassador was a really interesting development.

Zytara having the rights for the next 3 years really sets the path for an exciting future with him. Community was really impressed by the conference yesterday as well as the traction that it gained across social media.

Can’t wait to see the education Totti is bringing also, it seems like he is really bridging the gap between digitalbits and those outside the crypto world.

The next question comes from TheQ 🇫🇷🇭🇰

Could we please have clarity on the technical developments of the project?

The wallet released is not functional and the mainnet announced in February not publicly accessible.

Al Burgio: As mentioned, mainnet has been and continues to be publicly accessible. I believe the wallet that you are referring to is the one named “DigitalBits” in the app store. Personally, that app has a terrible name because it is clearly causing confusion. I for one am not a user of it as it is simply at this stage another ERC20 wallet. As for other wallets that support mainnet beyond and others, AstraX released a web3 wallet recently…. and by the end of this month, a new mobile wallet is targeted for release that will also have mainnet integrated!

This new mobile wallet will also be used for in-stadium token activations in January/February with AS Roma and other organizations! In light of the partnerships involved, significant user growth is expected with these in-stadium and global campaigns. Global ambassadors will also be engaged in these campaigns, showcasing special opportunities for fans! I have no doubt that people will be lining up once these campaigns are unveiled. Again, these campaigns are fully-integrated and expected to drive viral downloads.

There are also 3 NFT platforms that I’m aware of that are integrated mainnet, some of which have already minted NFTs onchain. I expect that more marketplaces will integrate mainnet in the coming months, as it will enable such marketplaces to gain exclusive access to certain high-profiled NFT collections that will only be provisioned on mainnet. For example, Zytara alone has a vast multi-year image/likeness rights portfolio with AS Roma, Inter Milan, Francesco Totti and others.

Barrow: Community really does appreciate technical updates. It really does sound exciting. Can’t wait to see the new app that has mainnet integrated!

The in-stadium activations are really special, definitely a great step towards the expansion of growth and usage for DigitalBits. Something we’ve all loved the concept of. The next question is from @BrownMoose

How many full time employees does XDB and Zytara have?

Al Burgio: Zytara has approx 80 full time team members, with more than half being product and engineering. We expect this number to double by the end of next year. As mentioned, Daniele will provide a response on behalf of the Foundation later today. That being said, I would like to publicly welcome his latest addition to the team, Sara Sciusco as the new Marketing Manager.

Barrow: Yes there’s no doubt that Zyatra as well as the foundation are really taking steps in the right direction to acquire talent.

From first hand experience meeting, I can vouch that these teams are capable of bringing things to another level. I’m honoured to be a part of this going forward.

The next question is from @MetaMadhatter :

Why Italy for XDB, and why do you think so many clubs in Italy have a fan token?

Al Burgio: The latest expansion into Italy began in the spring of 2021 when AS Roma first reached out to us. After a few weeks of discussion, it was clear that the opportunity in Europe could grow well beyond AS Roma.

Italy alone is home to the headquarters of so many iconic global brands in sports, entertainment, automotive, fashion, and many more. Sports clubs also have sponsors that include global organizations from around the world.

After just a few months of entering Europe, we have found ourselves in meetings with many iconic companies. This is super exciting, however, there is not much more that I can disclose as it relates to these collaborations.

That being said, I can tell you that I have personally relocated to Europe (and my children now attend school here) so that I can personally oversee the intense expansion that is taking place across Europe! So please stay tuned!

Barrow: It’s really interesting seeing Italy’s growth in crypto. DigitalBits are no doubt one of the front runners. I’m sure everybody is excited to see the developments with the iconic companies! Welcome to Europe :)

The next question is from @Ar_x1000 on Twitter:

We have seen many big brands come into the DigitalBits ecosystem this year such as Dole, Inter and Roma. Can we expect partnerships with any other major brands in the next Q?

Al Burgio: We have a lot of inbound requests and top brands are lining up.
As mentioned, Mainnet swap is also a top priority.

Barrow: Completely understandable that comments are limited on this.

Looking forward to Mainnet.

The next question is from @Shaliste:

How many global ambassadors can we expect? Only from soccer or music cinema etc?

Al Burgio: As mentioned, we felt it appropriate to unveil Francesco Totti as the first DigitalBits global brand ambassador. However, Totti is not the only global ambassador! There will be numerous global ambassadors unveiled in the coming weeks and months (not only sports legends), and some that have a much larger global profile than Totti.

Barrow: The final question comes from @Joeybarton7:

Do you see DigitalBits in the top 10 projects in 2022 in terms of market cap?

Al Burgio: This is obviously a sensitive question and not one that I can answer, as it would imply that I’m providing a forecast on token price.

However what I can say is, I along with many others are working hard because we believe now more than ever, the initial vision of DigitalBits becoming the leading Blockchain for Brands is more within our reach than ever before in light of the vast achievements in 2021 as well as the massive amount of inbound interest that has grown for DigitalBits. It takes time for new achievements and developments to get operationalized and in my experience, as large partnerships operationalize, network-effect expands at an even higher rate

I’m also 100% bullish that more partnerships will be secured in the coming weeks, thus contributing to the opportunity for even more network-effect / growth. I’m super excited with where things stand today and the vast opportunity that exists for massive growth.

Barrow: That was great. I’m sure everybody has learnt something today and I hope it has answered many of the standing questions from the community in one way or another. From everybody we thank you for coming in today and giving us your time Al.

We’d love to have you in here again soon with some more exciting updates.

Al Burgio: Thank you George, I’m looking forward to the next AMA!

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