Adding a Customized Signature on Google with Links and Icons

If you have a Gmail account, a signature can be invaluable for many different reasons.

  1. Consistency

A signature automatically provides a consistent signature on all emails without typing it out every time. Plus, you don’t have to look back at previous emails to see how you typically end conversations.

2. Customizable

Google allows customizability within the signature. Want to promote your business logo? Have a favorite quote? Want links to personal Linkedin, GitHub, Google Plus, or Instagram accounts? Now they can show up on every email sent out.

3. Editable

If “Sincerely” seems too formal for the individual you’re emailing, highlight, delete, and type “Best” or other sendoffs you prefer. Plus, signatures are easily removed with a simple highlight and delete.

Let’s get started!

  1. Login to your Gmail account. Click on the gear button in the top right and choose settings. This will take you to another page with multiple settings for your Gmail account.
Step 1

2. Scroll about 2/3rds of the way down for the “Signature” section.

Step 2

3. Choose the second option under “No Signature”. Then start typing within the text box to start creating a personalized signature. I like to keep mine simple to fit across all emails; however, this is where favorite quotes and other sayings reside.

Step 3

4. Now, to add icons. This can be tricky as icons can be many different shapes, sizes, etc. You can find many of icons for free online. Simply make sure they are PNG files. Below is where I get many of my icons. If you already have icon images, make sure they are the same sizes (about 30–50 pixels) and skip to step 9!

My personal free icon generator is They give the ability to customize icons. Download them as PNG, SVG, and more. Plus, Flat Icon provides different color schemes for icon customization. I’ll choose a Medium icon for this example; however, this should translate to multiple different icon setup. Click this to get started.

step 4 choosing medium icon

5. For Gmail, PNGs are the best file to use. PNGs take up little space, and are part of the files usable for Gmail Signature.

Play around! Click on different icons. See their color options.

Under the icon it will say “50PX” or “100PX” etc. PX denotes pixels. Deciding on a size simply depends on how prominent you’d prefer your icons to be within your signature. 100 pixels is quite large for a signature. Although, you can choose “Custom…” for a custom pixel download. I personally stick with 50 pixels: eye-catching, but still small.

*Note: Keep track of which pixel size you download as all icons will need to be the same size. Gmail does not provide resizing besides “Original” “Small” “Medium” or “Large”.

step 5: icon options
step 5: choosing pixels
step 5: choosing colors

6. After you’re happy with the size, color, and icon design, click “Download”.

stpe 6

7. Obtaining your download depends on many features. Where your downloads go, how to access them, etc. Unfortunately, there are many customizations users implement that I cannot go over this aspect.

Mine download straight to my “Download” folder and show up at the bottom of my browser. The file names are typically:




step 7

8. From here, the files can stay in the “Download” folder 0r moved to another location. Just know where the file resides.

step 8: I drag my files to my desktop for easy access

9. Now back to Gmail!

Within the “Signature” section click on the image icon:

Image icon
Signature section with image icon located in middle of tool bar

10. Choose the “Upload” section. Drag and drop a file or select the file from your computer.

step 10
step 10 after upload

11. Just like when copying and pasting words, you can copy and paste these images in different parts of your signature. Now highlight the icon, and press the “link” icon.

Link icon
step 11: highlight icon and press link icon

12. Within the link pop-up is “change”. Click this to see another pop-up with more options.

step 12: first pop-up with many options
step 12: second pop-up with URL options

13. Insert the URL you want associated with this image. Right below, there is a “Test this link” option, which is quite helpful before posting your changes.

14. Click “OK” and now you have an image with an URL attached! Congrats :) From here, you can remove or change the link. You can also resize your image.

**Note: If you’d like to add a logo, the steps are exactly the same. Just simply upload the image to Gmail, like the icon upload, and place as needed!

step 14

15. Save!! “Save Changes” is at the bottom of the settings page.

step 15

Now create a customized signature! You have many more options with images and linking. Experiment! Have fun! This will be seen by many people. Adjust sizes as you like, and send test emails to yourself and your friends. Look on desktop and mobile and adjust from there.

Good luck!