Parenting Hack #2: Google Photos

Get it. Use it. Never worry about losing your photos again.


I am not a photo person. I am more of an “experience the moment” person. If it were up to me, I would not bring a camera on any trips. While I haven’t been successful yet, I’m still holding out hope that I will be able to successfully convince my wife to not bring it just once in the future.

However, I will concede that since Maya was born, my phone storage has blown up with photos of her. With the comfort of knowing that a phone allows us to capture those spontaneous moments comes the worry of losing those photos if anything happens to the phone and the possibility that our storage will fill up at the exact moment we are trying to capture that “once in a lifetime moment.”

Luckily enough, both Google and Amazon offer cloud-based, backup storage apps. I initially downloaded Prime Photos, which gives unlimited photo storage for Amazon Prime members. I had over 600 photos and videos to upload and it seemed to be backing up fine until the app started getting buggy on me. It kept getting stuck on certain photos. I tried updating the app and troubleshooting help was fairly limited, so I eventually gave up and downloaded Google Photos instead.

So far, I’ve been happy with Google Photos. If you are willing to use their file compression (“High Quality” setting), you get unlimited storage, otherwise it’s limited to 15 GB. I haven’t printed any compressed images yet, but a Huffington Post comparison concluded that for most practical purposes, High Quality is good enough:

Huffington Post

Another feature of Google Photos that I find pretty cool is their Assistant, which goes through your archive and auto-creates clever animations and stylized photos for you. Here’s an example of an animation the Assistant created from a video clip…this one’s my favorite:

I’m adorable

And here’s an example of a stylized photo the Assistant created (from an existing color photo):

If you capture a lot of pictures and videos on your phone, I highly recommend using Google Photos to back up your media. It’ll give you peace of mind and also allow you to clear up storage space on your phone, which fills up a lot faster than you realize once you have a baby.

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