The first Campaign Tech in Europe or how the Political Communication Industry is changing fast

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The Political Communication Industry is changing fast

Campaigns & Elections (the US online media of political campaign) launched its first European event ever. Well known for its US “ Campaign Tech” events that gather the best political consultants, software editors and digital activists, Campaigns & Elections had never reproduced such event in Europe before last week.

And it was a success, 200 Political Consultants, Digital Experts, Software Editors, Political Party Executives coming from all European countries and also Political Tech experts coming from the US gathered in Berlin, Germany.

It is a strong signal that the Political Communication industry in Europe has matured a lot in the recent years, we are seeing a deep shift from traditionnal campaigning from traditional billboards and TV to Digital, Data and connected campaigns.

From targeted content to political communication software, to big data to augmented reality and virtual reality, CTEurope highlighted what would be the trends and game changer in political communications in the next few years.

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Below are a highlights of what has been said at Campaing Tech Europe !

Kiki Bakker, National Field Direct, VDD (Netherlands) “TV in political communication has 10 to 15 years left because older groups of voters are still there”

Van der Bellen presidential campaign in Austria in numbers
16 targets Groups forcTargeted videos
220 videos
12 of them topped 1M views (8M population)

Van der Bellen presidential campaign in Austria
from 10% to President
“A green elected with a flag”

“Stop Knocking on doors and start organizing bars”
 Arun Chaudhary, Revolution Messaging (Political Communication consultant in Obama & Sanders campaigns)