Why users will love new Sign in with Apple

And how to complicate developers life even more

Cezary Bielecki
Sep 4, 2019 · 4 min read


In iOS 13 Apple will release Sign in with Apple, it will complicate sign-in screens and iOS users will love it.

A new way of Sign in from Apple

The current industry-standard, in most applications, is to allow the user to register/log in using one of facebook, google account, or in-app registration itself. Now Apple has released a new solution for login using Apple ID and device-specific biometric validation. Sounds cool? It is!

No more opening separate website, no more passing login data into facebook or google account. It’s just dead simple face or finger scan, and you’re in.
How is Apple going to force developers to implement their solution? They decided to use a stick instead of a carrot. Every application that is using the third-party sign-in needs to implement Apple Sign in also. Otherwise, they are very likely to be rejected during the app store review.

Sign In with Apple will be available for beta testing this summer. It will be required as an option for users in apps that support third-party sign-in when it is commercially available later this year.


Apple way of treating privacy

Apple has a long history of treating privacy seriously. Apps that ask for more permissions than necessary are banned from the AppStore, and I’ve never heard about Apple selling customers data. Not convinced yet? Just take a look at their website or at a famous case when they declined to help FBI with unlocking the device.

What do Apple engineers say about third-party logins?

Your personal information sometimes gets shared behind the scenes and these logins can be used to track you.
- Craig Federighi, WWDC 2019

Why it’s so cool

We’ve quickly created a prototype to see what’s what, and it’s simply amazing.
Usually, the app would open a new window; you would need to login in there, go back, etc. With Apple Sign in, you scan your face or finger, and that’s it. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

The drawbacks

When I heard about Apple I was hoping that we will be able to replace the current typical sign-in screen:


However, I’m afraid we’ll end up with something like that:

That’s a rare case, but if you want to pass your iPhone to your kid or another person, he needs to log you out in system settings, then log in. Everything that was synced with your account, like photos, notes, etc. will disappear, and needs to be synced again.

Apple has released a javascript solution for different platforms, so its solution can be used across all platforms. On both Web and Android, a new website will be open when a user needs to log in using Apple ID. I presume that Android developers will not skip this part because they will lose iOS users. Excellent user experience on iOS will be a disaster on Android. Point for Apple.

If your application is relying on facebook API, implementing Apple solution will complicate it even more. You have to add it to your app, but if a user chooses to use it, you need to add separate screen after that with another facebook login, which will force a user to login twice! For the moment, it looks like it’s an only possible solution.

Industry impact

End users will love Apple Sign in; we can be sure of that. It’s doesn’t launch a separate window for another login like facebook or google; there is no need to submit tedious forms anymore. It just takes face or finger scan and you’re good to go.

Is it possible to build an application with just an Apple solution?

It is, but that makes sense only for an application that is available on iOS exclusively.

Sadly application UI will be still cluttered with options. I cannot imagine that someone will resign from using facebook or google because they also have Android users. But for all iOS users, it will be a must-have.

Apple Sign-in will be available after iOS 13 launch this fall.

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