Joining the PDF Association

We did it! We joined the PDF association. To me, these are really exciting news. As exciting it is from my personal point of view, most (if not all) might ask themselves:

“Wait, what? What is he talking about? And why should I care?”

Our reason is… not easily explained in a single sentence. Please bear with me here for a little moment, and let me explain our reasoning a bit more detailed. (No, it is not going to be boring — I promise!)

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We at Digital Frontiers aim to drive people and companies forward in the race for digitalization. That might sound like yet another catchphrase, but it actually is, what brought us to join the PDF association.

Getting the information that you need, at the time it is required and regardless of the place that you currently are, is becoming more important every day. We’re used to access our facebook account anywhere on this planet or check our e-mail while watching the sunset at the beach. And these expectations expand into even more areas than only those!

Think of situations where you’re standing on a pasture, watching cows doing their cow-things and actually asking yourself: “what are the conditions of my life insurance?”. Well, that particular situation might not occur as often, as one might imagine, but it illustrates an important point: we depend on information. Information buried in documents, existing on paper somewhere. That information is not easily accessible.

This is exactly where PDF shines — preserving information and at the same time, making that information accessible to consumers, when they need them. And this is also why we, as a company, are that enthusiastic, about PDF. When digitalizing processes, designing applications and implementing cloud services, we cannot simply stop when it comes to documents. Documents do have an important role in daily business and good digitalization strategies do not stop when documents come into the equation, but extend to incorporate those when necessary.

So why are we joining the PDF association? Because we don’t just want to use a specific technology. If we’re using a technology, we want to understand it to its core and effectively leverage the rich feature set. We want to understand the limits of that technology as well as its possibilities. And we want to actively participate in the community, developing the ever growing PDF standard.

Curious about PDF? We will start a series of articles about the format PDF, explaining how PDF documents are structured, which technologies are incorporated into PDF and how content is displayed on a target device, like a screen or printer.

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Thanks to Nikolai Neugebauer

François Fernandès

Written by

Senior Solution Architect at digitalfrontiers, Member of the Board at PDF Association

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