Web Traffic is Not From Where You Expect, by Gabrielle Pastore

Below are the details for the top ten mobile nations as of 2016. What’s striking about this list is that none of these countries would necessarily be considered traditional tech leaders. Of course some of the driving force behind this list is due to the fact that many users in these nations don’t have home connections, and many of them are still using simple mobile flip phones. However, as consumers everywhere become increasingly untethered, the dramatic mobile deluge in these countries is a clear harbinger for the future of digital web traffic and customer experience around the world.

Mobile internet traffic as percentage of total web traffic (Q1 2016)


Five key strategies for marketers

For digital marketers, the implications are clear: global mobile is here! Here are five key strategies marketers in every country can use to capitalize on this burgeoning global mobile customer experience.

  1. Integrate Experiences to Reach Customers
     As customers go increasingly mobile around the world, they expect to have a seamless experience from location to location, from device to device, and over the course of time. Successfully managing this customer journey means that an omnichannel communications and measurement approach needs to be considered from the beginning of the campaign, not added on as an afterthought. For healthcare marketers in particular, many of whom have still not even mobile-optimized their dot com site, this is going to require a significant reset.
  2. Focus on a Portable Brand Story
     Content in a mobile world succeeds when it is closely tied to the brand story and delivers valuable information at the right time and place. In other words, a strong brand story becomes even more important as it gets “taken on the road” across millions of mobile devices and multiple geographies. If your brand story is unclear to begin with, it will become even more muddled as the story moves into an all-encompassing mobile customer experience. (Remember playing the game “telephone”?) Beginning in the pre-launch phase, brands (and their agencies) should consider how the brand story will play on a global mobile platform.
  3. Craft Meaningful Experiences to Delight Customers
     It takes imagination and empathy to craft experiences that surprise and delight. But delivering this type of meaningful experience on mobile devices also takes careful planning, robust infrastructure and a commitment to ongoing creativity and flexibility. Be sure to incorporate the mobile experience at the heart of your brand communications plan, and then back things up with ongoing execution and refinement in all of your target countries.
  4. Collect Insights to Drive Ongoing Optimization
     Optimization is critical for campaign success, and is only possible when you have timely and useful metrics. To effectively gather the insights needed to optimize a campaign, you have to plan ahead and purposefully set the metrics and key performance indicators across all of your target countries. Be sure to build the habit of measuring the mobile moments that matter for your customers.
  5. Partnering Is Key
     Successful brands know that they can’t do it all themselves, especially in the midst of a rapidly evolving mobile environment. Building strong, lasting, and effective partnerships with agencies, technical providers, and media planners who share a vision of delivering exceptional customer experience is a key to success in this new global mobile world.

Going Global with Customer Experience

While today’s technical breakthroughs continue to be driven by many of the usual players in many of the usual countries, the future of customer experience is being shaped in surprising places, in countries where mobile adoption is not a statistical trend but the overwhelming reality.

To take advantage of this new mobile reality, successful marketers will need to keep these five global mobile marketing strategies top of mind:

1) Integrate Experiences to Reach Customers
 2) Focus on a Portable Brand Story
 3) Craft Meaningful Experiences to Delight Customers
 4) Collect Insights to Drive Ongoing Optimization
 5) Partnering is Key

As you think about extending your boundaries as you go global, which country made the short list?

I would be interested in hearing about it. Let me know.

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Originally published at digitally.cognizant.com on February 19, 2016.

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