Who Gives a DAM? Forrester Does!, by Jitin Agarwal

Digital is changing the rules of business and digital assets are transforming into “strategic” assets. Yes, I’m referring to the thousands (if not millions) of images, multimedia, and textual content that your company owns. How your company manages, stores, and utilizes assets throughout their life cycle can not only help create a superior customer experience in a digital savvy world, but also protect and build your brand identity.

So how do industry leaders create the most compelling experiences with their digital assets–online, mobile and social?

Powering top brands’ digital assets

They choose the power of Digital Asset Management (DAM). The increasing adoption of DAM across market-leading brands is helping transform infrastructures to provide more robust digital customer offerings. These enterprises are streamlining their DAM and realizing higher end user engagement by providing a richer brand experience. What are the top DAM solutions in the market today?

Forrester Research recently published their Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience Forrester Wave, where they assessed the 12 most significant DAM vendors across 33 criteria types. The report evaluated platform solutions that were designed to improve brand management and asset distribution as well as providing secure access and seamless integration with existing IT tools.

Cognizant’s assetSERV makes the grade

I’m proud to share that Forrester recognized Cognizant’s assetSERVTM, a pre-configured, end-to-end DAM platform solution, as a Strong Performer. Why Cognizant assetSERV? Forrester shared, “Large E, global firms benefit from this high-touch combined services/software model, and customer references were some of the most positive of any vendor in this Forrester Wave. The product’s capabilities are robust, particularly in library services and the ability to support multiple deployment models.”

Over the years, Cognizant has won many awards for their technology and services, but this award strongly reinforces what we tell our partners and customers, that the customer’s experience will dictate whether your program is a success or a failure. We were delighted to be among a select few companies invited to participate in the independent report–and we’re one of the youngest.

assetSERV in action

Consider “why” so many companies have chosen assetSERV™ as their platform solution of choice. Avocados from Mexico (AFM) was comparing digital asset management solutions in the marketplace. Miguel Molina, CFO of Avocados from Mexico said, “As a leader in DAM technology applications, the assetSERV platform fulfills all the short- and long-term needs of our company. And, given the support and backing of the larger Cognizant organization, deploying assetSERV gives Avocados from Mexico a great partnership with a recognized industry leader.” After this assessment, AFM chose to deploy assetSERV. Consider other large brands who are powered by assetSERV.

Are you in search of a solution that reduces the complexity of digital asset management and frees up your enterprise to create a superior digital experience? Cognizant’s assetSERV™ is a strong performer. It not only offers an end-to-end solution, but it is flexible, scalable, and secure to protect your brand identity and better connect with your customers.

Get a copy of the Forrester Wave™ on Digital Asset Management (DAM) For Customer Experience, Q3 2016 and read more about our exciting news.

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Originally published at digitally.cognizant.com on August 30, 2016.

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