5 reasons why teachers need to know about Open Badges

Open Badges are emerging as a highly effective tool to track, engage and reward the knowledge and skills of people both young and old. The Open Badge movement is being propelled by Mozilla, creators of Firefox, and aims to create a worldwide standard of attainment that anyone can take part in.

We believe Open Badges are a great way to reward skills and achievements for any learner at any age.

1. Reward skills that are currently unrecognised

2. Easy & Simple

3. Great motivational tool

4. Help your students connect with employers

5. Fun new way of learning

You can find out more about Open Badges by attending our Open Badge Surgery at the Education Innovation Conference in Manchester from 27th-28th February. Find out more: http://educationinnovation.co.uk/home/more-details-of-the-open-badge-surgery-at-eice/

Free Tools:

Makewaves is a safe social learning platform for schools. Makewaves have now introduced the badge library which allows you to browse digital badges created by thousands of teachers from all over the world. You can share these badges with your students and track their progress through learning journeys. You can also create your own badge missions. Set up for free and start using badges in your school today. Sign up

Badge Canvas — Weve condensed all our badge design experience into a simple canvas which will guide you through the process of creating your own open badge. Download the Badge Canvas and start designing your open badges today!

Badge Programmes

We run a range of badge programmes for schools to get involved in from sports reporting to e-safety via Badge the UK. Find out more here.

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