Latest OBA Production update (10.1.18)

A humongous update with the latest libraries, framework and fixes for our customers.

Approximately 100 Trello cards have been addressed.

What’s New

  • No more “Oops!” error messages. From now on, when an error happens on the page, details of the problem is sent automatically to us developers. No personal information is collected.
  • New Account Settings
  • You can now toggle the landing page (site or user). Requested by @Matt_Rogers quite some time ago.
  • With the power of AWS technologies, we’ve improved the way we encode videos, audio and process images. It now faster, more reliable and handles 4K videos as well.
  • You can now see what’s being encoded from the admin dashboard.
  • This is part of the AWS Elastic Transcoder work, which saves us costs on processing uploaded audio and video to the correct format(s).
  • You can now create users via CSV from the site/user admin page.


  • Refine how thumbnails are generated.
  • Add “Close” button to the upload layer.
  • Updates to how EXIF data is read for images.
  • Gender / Date of Birth can be added for e-mail awarding.
  • Gender is not defined by default when signing up with SSO. User sets this on first login.
  • New buttons to process a new CSV via User Main.
  • Present user’s full name as opposed to username when accepting an e-mail award.
  • “You have been awarded a badge” now links to the badge’s academy (Request by @Matt_Rogers)
  • “Loading…” is no longer appears in the top-right.
  • This will just show the pulsating bar across the top, like Makewaves.
  • When audio/video is uploaded, an AWS notification is now sent to the Web API to track whether the job has been successful or failed.


  • Tidied up Web API.
  • Critical performance issues for API calls (affecting the iOS App)
  • Fixed issues when loading images on a badge submission.
  • Fixes for the “too many redirects” issue.
  • General fixes for uploading a new profile image.
  • General fixes for task support media and the media player.
  • Fix an error when trying to edit an academy.
  • Fix formatting issued caused by duplicate badges.
  • Amend the time taken to auto-refresh task support media.
  • Changing the e-mail from admin didn’t send a verification e-mail.
  • An issue with a evidence URL displaying as an internal link.
  • An issue when adding evidence to a duplicate badge.
  • Addressed some connection errors caused internally.
  • An issue with the captcha when using verification e-mail (Cognito)
  • Fix the terms and condition checkbox when signing up with single sign-on (SSO)
  • Various fixes for badge e-mail awards.
  • Prevent a site from being listed if joining is not available
  • Fixed an issue where changing a username caused reset password to not work.
  • Transaction toggle didn’t change.
  • Fix small hex around a user profile image.
  • When a user is deleted, also remove them from their group(s).
  • Ensure users assigned to managers appear in the Assigned to me column.
  • Ensure users cannot bypass the terms and conditions agreement when doing a “fast signup”.
  • Make dropdown menus more aware of their surroundings. (both vertically and horizontally)
  • Fixed an issue with MakeBadges.
  • Fix malformed layer for sending back badges.


  • Fix attempts where a user could try and sign up for a Pro package for free.1
  • Fix attempts where a user could attempt to obtain a free trial.
  • Prevent cancellation emails being sent repeatedly.
  • Prevent users from repeating a transaction.
  • Fixed an issue when signing up an offline package.
  • Ensure the packages page is refreshed to correctly state “Your Plan”
  • Fixed an issue where some cancelled subscriptions would not be cancelled at the end of their current subscription period.
  • When a subscription renewal was cancelled, the site was immediately reverted back to basic.
  • Prevent being able to create a manager account by joining via LinkedIn. (where joining as a manager was disabled)
  • Users can edit but not delete email field.
  • Updated FancyBox to resolve an error when fullscreening image gallery.
  • Deleted users were incorrectly appearing in user list reports.
  • Correct the redirection after resetting a password via Forgotten Password.
  • An issue when processing date of birth for a CSV upload
  • Prevent the same note from being submitted multiple times.
  • When editing a badge in Firefox, the badge title couldn’t be seen properly.
  • Prevent support media disappearing after adding images when video was added first.
  • The upload layer now works in the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • When uploading a user profile image, both small and large profile images came in at the same time.
  • Fix for adding a post to a task evidence — either selecting one or creating a new one.
  • Fix distorted background when opening the People layer.
  • A user can now make their email empty.

Technical Stuff

  • Upgraded to .NET Framework 4.7 and fixed any regressions this had caused.
  • Minification library replaced.
  • Updated many libraries to their newer version. Including:
  • FancyBox (produces dialogue boxes)
  • plupload (for uploading content)
  • Move all styling into one “source” file, and fixed any regressions this had caused.
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