Latest OBA Production update (13.2.18)

Stability is a must, which is why we are releasing this new production update with speed improvements and visual fixes.

What’s New

  • Admin: You can now cascade individual site access rights to all users of that site.
  • Pagination looks a little different.
  • Signing in or registering an account looks different, this is in preparation of a future feature!
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Account Settings
  • Can you figure out what we have in the works?
  • Improvements in admin interfaces, such as Audio/Video Uploads.


  • Admin: E-mail notification for site deleted/restored are now sent to help@xxx instead of hello@xxx.
  • OpenBadges now show “Revoked” and “Expired” fields.


  • After adding files, the button caused errors to happen.
  • Badge descriptions were truncated at 503 characters.
  • Internal changes to ensure cache is cleared properly.
  • No e-mail notification was sent when badge declined.
  • Push to Backpack button was being unresponsive.
  • A misleading error when awarding a badge.
  • Unable to assign a badge to the primary site manager.
  • After deleting a manager, any assigned badges were not automatically unassigned.
  • Signing up as an individual didn’t always list available sites.
  • Amend the font used in upload layers.
  • Blacklisted words are now validated case insensitive.
  • Suppress double loading spinners when encoding media.
  • “Cannot find this badge submission” after an e-mail award.
  • It was possible to add notes directly to deleted evidence.
  • Items in Track Progress were misaligned.
  • Keep the scrollbar within a task evidence popup.
  • Prevent seeker going beyond the player element.
  • Prevent note list becoming center-aligned.
  • Uploaded Badges page had a misaligned bin icon.
  • “Finishing upload” was slightly off-center.
  • Video thumbnails were missing.
  • Admin: Styling was odd for data lists.
  • 500 error when downloading an Awarded Badge.


  • Transcoding media is slightly faster.
  • Switching between pages with pagination has improved.
  • Database migrations to Aurora — meaning these areas now process data quicker:
  • Currency
  • Subscriptions
  • Notes
  • Endorsements