Latest OBA Production Update (15.5.18)

What’s New?

Printable badges

  • Available for Pro academies.
  • Enabled on a per-badge basis from Badge Options:
  • New badges on Pro sites will turn printing on by default.
  • All existing badges remain unaffected.
  • Anyone on OBA can print providing their awarded badge enables it.
  • Managers can also print from Track Progress.

The certificate looks like this:

An example OBA Certificate

For browsers that support it, you can export the certificate as PDF.

New CSV Design

Front and back, the process is now more structured and keeps track of what’s happening behind the scenes.

Simple approach to bulk uploading

New CSV Tool layout

One place to view all your CSVs in progress

Uploaded CSV Progress View

Notifications got a refresh

CSV Notifications

Data control options in Account Settings

Making OBA even more GDPR compliant.

  • Deactivate your account — The right to restrict processing.
  • Request my data — The right to data portability.
  • Delete my account — The right to erasure.
Data Controls

Deactivation is a user state where profiles and badge submissions will not appear to managers or the public and is automated by the system by clicking this button, and reverted by logging in at a later date.

Request my data and deleting accounts is a manual process that goes through the Support team.


  • Links that open the legal page no longer show the sidebar.
  • You can see the label for Date of Birth and Country when signing up.
  • Trusted issuers can see a users’ full name in badge statistics.
  • Whitelisted email domains no longer require email verification.
  • “Please Choose” on a dropdown box is now just “ — ”.
  • Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy has been updated and now live on separate pages.
  • EDI now exports unspecified genders as U (previously P - prefer not to say)


  • Some pages had a very long width.
  • Visual Reports — a height/width issue has been addressed.
  • Visual Reports — now shows all badges (except deleted)
  • EDI Reports — now include the day of the end date.
  • Email awards via CSV were not sending the email properly.
  • Addressed a problem with Notification Settings
  • Internal fixes for handling badge submission view/edit permissions.
  • Saving date of birth from Account Settings did not actually save.