Multi-media and iPads with Makewaves at Bett Show 2014

When Wednesday, 22 January 10:30 Multi-media and iPads

Where: Stand C102

During this activity you will create and share your own media on the go at BETT using an iPad and the Makewaves App. No wires or cables are required for this session.

Makewaves is the social learning environment that provides social media for education. It enables schools to create and safely share videos, podcasts and blogs. With a free Makewaves website you can easily start school blogging, join national campaigns and develop digital literacy skills.

The Makewaves app allows you to create and share your own media on the easily.

Top Tips for making media in the classroom:

1. Flip the classroom! Create videos of practical activities in class time. Post them on Makewaves and ask your students to review them as homework.

2. Use the Makewaves App: Safely capture and share video, photos and audio instantly using tablets or mobile devices.

3. Create a media team! Use Makewaves badges to assign students with special roles as part of your media team, and let them manage your Makewaves site!

If you take part in this activity you will earn yourself an Open Badge. View all the Open Badges you can earn at BETT here.

Find out about our other activities at the Badge the UK area at the Stone Computing Stand C102 at BETT.

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