Naace & DigitalMe — Partnership overview and Conference 2016

Hello everyone!

First off a huge thank you to Naace for affording us the opportunity to close the conference this year — it was great to be able to share the work we have been doing together over the past 18 months, and look to the future of how we continue to use Open Badges together.

There are 3 ways in which you can get yourself involved in the Naace Open Badge Academy

Join our Badge Design Days (which will be happening towards the end of April, early May) to help shape and develop Level Two of the Technician Badges and the future of our EdTech badges, then please contact Matt —

Explore all of the badge schemes we have been working on together, including Computing CPD for practitioners (and pupils!!), Technician Badges to recognise the important role a technician plays within the school ecosystem and our new EdTech badges, developing and showcasing the amazing things you do with technology during your working (and personal) lives.

Start your own badge scheme — if you have any questions or would like some support on where to start, please drop us an email

Also, why not:

Download your FREE Open Badges e-Guide which can be downloaded from the Naace website here.

Claim your NaaceMeet Open badge head here
(we also have a badge for those of you who also attended the conference — which can be found here!)


Matt Rogers & Sharon Ashley

DigitalMe & Makewaves




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