New Open Badges for Young Carers

New digital badges are available for young carers to earn! Young Carers in Focus (YCiF) has recently developed a set of brand new digital badges, which are online awards that accredit young carers for the skills they have obtained through YCiF. By earning YCiF Badges, young carers can show the competencies they have acquired and the hard work that they do within the Young Carers in Focus project, and on the network.

The badges that are currently available to earn on the YCiF network include the Consultation and Creativity Badge. The Consultation Badge is awarded to young carers who share their views and opinions about a specific issue. The current Consultation badge mission is focused on encouraging young carers to complete some research into what their school does to support young carers. This badge mission has been launched with the aim of gaining a better insight into what schools are currently doing.

The Creativity badge mission will encourage young people to take part in a creative activity. This activity could be anything from a creative writing piece, a design, a song, a play, or a painting. This badge will enable young carers to express their individuality and creative flair. The current mission is focused on the Young Carers Festival (YCF), as young carers have the opportunity to design the official YCF 2014 t-shirt, which will be worn by every young person who attends the event.

These types of badges are referred to as activity badges, as they are easy to earn and fun to complete. New missions to earn these badges will be shared regularly, and featured on the YCiF network homepage.

Skill badge missions have also been added to the network, which are more difficult for young carers to earn. These badges have several levels that become harder to earn as they increase. Skill badges currently available to earn on the YCiF network include, Producer, Interviewer, Advocate, Presenter and Digital Champion.

Young Carers in Focus has released the YCiF Community badge mission which is available for those who are non-YCiF reporters. This badge mission aims to raise awareness of young carer issues and ultimately improve understanding amongst young people. The badge will emphasise that young people are learning about and engaging with the Young Carers in Focus project. The current task for this badge mission focuses on encouraging young people to undertake some research into what their school does to support young carers. The YCiF Community Badge will be available for anyone engaged on Makewaves.

The Young Carers in Focus network will continue to create different badges for young people to earn and accredit the skills that they have learnt. Look out for other badge missions that will be released on the network!