Open Badges encourage young people to vote #TakePower

Bite the Ballot are a Badge the UK partner and have designed a series of badges young people can take via Makewaves. These badges have been designed to encourage young people to vote when they reach the age of 18.

This Wednesday 5th February is National Voter Registeration Day and young people who are registering to vote can earn their ‘I’ve registered to vote’ badge from Bite the Ballot.

If your school is trying to encourage your students to register then sign up to Makewaves, the safe social network for schools and take part in the Bite the Ballot badge missions with your class.

Your students who take part and earn their Badge can share it across the web using Mozilla Open Badge technology.

For your students who are not 16 yet, they can earn their ‘Pledge to Vote’ badge by creating a story on Makewaves saying why they think it is important to vote.

View all the badge missions created by Bite the Ballot here.

“National Voter Registration Day is about doing it for yourself, standing up and being counted. Through digital badges we can show that young people do care about their democratic rights, and they’re willing to go one step further and do something about it!” Mevan Babakar, Bite the Ballot Head of Digital

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