The Open Badge Academy is closing.

The Open Badge Academy was built by our small team in Leeds to transform the way we recognise learning using the Open Badge Standard in 2015.

Since we joined the City and Guilds Group in June 2016, we have continued to help all kinds of teams recognise learning with the Open Badge Standard.

At this point in our journey, it is time to say goodbye to the Open Badge Academy in order for us to focus on supporting the design, development, and implementation of quality programmes that leverage the Open Badge Standard powered by leading technology — Credly.

Together we’re committed to helping organisations of all sizes, from employers to city-wide institutions recognise education and training in the digital space.

In the coming months, we will be wrapping up the services associated with OBA and from now are no longer accepting new registrations for badge issuers.

We’re working on a simple way for existing users to download their information, including any badges they have earned so they can continue to share verifiable recognition of their skills.

On Friday 30th August 2019, Open Badge Academy will officially close and all user data will be deleted.

We will be keeping you up to date on this process over the next 8 months through blogs and emails to stay up to date with this process please ensure the email address associated with your OBA account is up to date by getting in touch with us

We would also like to apologise for any inconvenience caused, we have included the answers to questions you might have about the closure below, please visit to read more.

If you would like to talk to someone about your existing license, please reach out to our support team


Why is Open Badge Academy Closing?

In 2016 Digitalme joined the City & Guilds Group to help drive the adoption of open badges. We became exclusive European resellers of Credly technology in 2017, allowing us to focus on supporting our customers to design, develop and implement open badge programmes with leading technology and quality best practice and standards.

What action I need to to take before 30th August 2019?

If you manage an Academy on behalf of an organisation or group:

  • If your members have an active email address attached to their account, they will receive communication from us regarding the closure. However, you may want to reiterate this information yourself to them along with the need to download their content ahead of the closure — steps to do this are detailed below.
  • You may also want to download both your organisation’s badges and your personally awarded badges and evidence ahead of the closure, as these will be permanently deleted once the site closes.
  • If you are continuing to work with Open Badges, you can find a list of Open Badge providers from IMS Global.

If you signed up to OBA as an individual to earn and display badges:

  • All badges will be deleted on 31st August 2019, so you need to ensure you have downloaded any badges or evidence that you wish to keep ahead of the closure — steps to do this are detailed below

What will happen to the badges I have earned on OBA?

To download your badge, go to your profile page and click on the Push icon under your awarded badge. Select the Download option to download this badge to your computer. This download will include data such as the issuer information stored within the image. We would recommend downloading the 2.0 version as this will still be verifiable after OBA closes.

Please find the full list of FAQs here:

If you are unable to take action prior to 30th August 2019 but wish to retain digital badging services, please contact us for assistance.