Ep 107: Building the Original Digital Nomad Hub with Amy Scott of Nomadtopia

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2 min readOct 11, 2018


Amy Scott is a pioneer of the nomad movement, starting after her cousins convinced her to quit her job in 2004!

Thirteen years later, she is a podcaster and freelance editor, with several other income streams to support her lifestyle.

She has seen the digital nomad world go through many changes and developments through the years.

Give a listen to learn how her Nomadtopia hub has been a major part of the growth of the industry and lifestyle.

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Show Notes:

  • What kicked off her nomadic journey way back before it was as “mainstream” as it is today (1:35)
  • How the digital nomad world as a whole has changed during her time in the lifestyle, as well as her various transformations through the years (5:04)
  • What a digital nomad really is: a way to get what it is you really need (8:55)
  • How she supports her nomadic income streams (10:47)
  • What effect travel has had on business, lifestyle, and how she’s been able to balance all the facets of her life (13:09)
  • Finding love on the road, which is something you’ll deal with if your life is on the road for this long (21:18)

I think it’s important to check in and see if you’re getting what you need. And if you’re not: make some changes.





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