EP 35: Cruise Ships for Nomads with Amanda Geary

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Amanda grew up on cargo ships and cruises.

I wanted to ask her how nomads can work on cruise ships and what kinds of jobs are available — plus how to get them. She doesn’t hold anything back!

Stay tuned for another episode later on where we cover how you can HACK cruising and get awesome cruises around the world for super cheap…

Stay emPowered — Beck

Show Notes:

  • How she helps adventurers navigate the process of working on cruise ships and the benefits of doing that kind of work in a global community (2:21)
  • The variety of jobs and roles aspiring Digital Nomads can get into the cruise industry, and how new ones are coming up every day (7:37)
  • Basic job requirements for working cruise ships (12:44)
  • How to find out if the sea life is for you (17:20)
“This industry is a place where Digital Nomads can be nomadic and work in the digital space at the same time…but on a cruise ship.”


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