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Ep 49: Ways to Avoid Burnout with Kate Bagoy

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In this episode, Kate and I discuss why burnout happens, especially with six-figure Digital Nomads (It’s happened to me multiple times) and what we can do to avoid it.

Right after this episode I went to get a massage.

Sometimes you just sit at the computer too long, or even start to feel guilty when you’re not working! Crazy.

  • Let’s all take a deep breath shall we?
  • What are you doing this for?
  • Isn’t it to have a better life?

It’s happening right now. So enjoy it!

Stay emPowered, Beck

Show Notes:

“My personal mission is to help people live lives by design and not default. And to create beauty and spread joy.”

  • Business Consultant and Coach who helps creative people get started freelancing and building online businesses, and how she got started (1:28)
  • Long-term Digital Nomad plans so far, with favorite cities and countries (5:36)
  • How to negotiate a remote work plan with your company (6:30)
  • The causes of corporate burnout and how to change it (8:55)
  • More tools to avoid burnout, especially with self-care (11:30)
  • Digital Nomad travel burnout issues, compounding problems, adrenal burnout, and getting splashed in the face with sewage in Vietnam(16:40)

“I wanted to inspire other people to change their lives…to not be tethered to that cubicle and those golden handcuffs.”


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