Ep 98: Finance Travel and Freelance Success with Eric Rosenberg

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Eric has a long-term background in the world of finance, including all the traditional career life plans of banking industry jobs, grad school, and the world of corporate accounting.

He escaped from what he calls “Grey cubicle land” 2 years ago after the “overnight success” he found from starting a blog in 2008 and building his side-hustle.

He left his high-paid finance job when he was able to replace his income through freelance writing and other work based off his blog platform.

Eric goes deep into loads of tips on travel and flight hacking using credit card points and travel rewards programs on today’s podcast.

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“Most people should do it differently than me. Have 3 or 4 of your favorite cards available rather than your favorite dozen.”

Show Notes:

  • Notes in transcription — Coming soon!
“Don’t be afraid. There’s no one out there who has the right to anoint someone an expert at something.”


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