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2021 end of year wrap up

This year has shown up like a stranger to your Christmas party. You were polite, they were rude. You were gracious, they took advantage. You provided food and drink, they ate it all and had the audacity to complain after. As we come to the close of a gauntlet style 2021, we reflect on some achievements and some of the challenges we have had to endure.

  • Setback 1 — where around 920M XDN were minted as a result of a bug in the Bitcoin core software and sold on the open market.
  • Setback 2 — where 2B XDN were stolen from our burn addresses and sold on the open market.
  • Setback 3 — The third setback was when Bittrex removed the XDN/BTC pairing without notice. This caused the price to drop to sub 1 SAT with the availability of the XDN/USDT pair remaining on Bittrex. A single pairing has the potential to move higher volume levels with a net positive to the trading ecosystem of XDN.
  • New friends — We have made a number of new friends. Developers from coins banded together to help find the bug and once we had fixed it, helped other coins to overcome similar bugs in their software. This will help all of us move forward and to improve security of our systems.
  • New team members — We have made exciting appointments to the Core team. King Davie has added a fresh face and approach as our Social Engineer. We have always battled to maintain a good social presence so King Davie is a welcome addition to the Core team. King Davie is also showing incredible foresight in molding our new roadmap for the next 3 years. Daniel, has also been added to the Core team and brings a wealth of knowledge and developments skills to help deliver our mobile apps.
  • Social engagement — With the energy and ideas King Davie brings to the team, you should have already noticed a lot more activity on our socials.
  • Development — if you are watching the commits on the Discord Github, you will notice a lot of work happening in the background. The code cleaning and updates is not the only thing going on. We have set up several new BSC farms/staking for our wrapped version of XDN. With growth for holders in the APR ranges between 6%-189%, we continue to press more content and new ways to say thank you to our community.




DigitalNote XDN updates | Hybrid Blockchain, PoS, PoW plus masternodes.

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DigitalNote project aims to make a difference in the world of cryptocurrencies, secure messaging, and DeFi. XDN transactions are instant, zero fee, and safe.

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