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IAM Weekend 19 _ Barcelona

IAM Weekend 19 — the Quantumness of Archipelagos, check it out!


It’s not only the slogan of the most amazing conference I’ve been to but also something I personally profoundly believe.

That’s why, after coming back from Barcelona my head is full of random images, quotes and brilliant ideas from the weekend.

Here you can find a list of the inspiring speakers with some inspiring quotes I wrote down in my notebook during the conference.

randomness on paper

As may seem out of context (and they are), just embrace the randomness and get inspired!

Official videos of the presentations will be soon released by IAM Weekend!

Session I: The Quantumness of Archipelagos

Dr. James Beacham

Particle physicist at the Large Hadron Collider / CERN

What’s at the edge of the universe? Maybe there’s no edge.
We, as humans, have to overcome the fear that we are not as special as we think we are.
The safety of ignorance can’t compete with the beauty of curiosity.

Taller de Casqueria _ BLACK ISLANDS

Where are the boundaries between real and virtual?
Is virtual reality an alternative to physical colonization? Is Google Earth the new battlefield?

Dr. Francesca Ferrando

Dr. Francesca Ferrando speech at IAM Weekend 19
Can technology be enlightened?
The future is here, now!
Everything is possible but nothing is neutral.
By existing we are shifting the direction of our planet.
Is technology brain hacking or addiction coding?

Session II: Decolonising & Depatriarchising learning

Alejandro Mayoral Baños _ Indigenous Friends Association

How do we embody indigenous cultrure and create a safe space? By integrating indigenous knowledge, indigenous ways of doing, indigenous knowing and indigenous being.

Decelarating Ecosystems

Michaela Büsse _ Migrant Journal

© Migrant Journal website
Who is native to one place?

Claudia Garza _ Citizen/Player

What would happen if videogame designers designed the cities of the future?
© @nikoline_nik
How can we become better citizens through gaming?
The way you play is the way you are.

Jessica Bishopp _ Integration and Digital Practices: An Ethnographic Study of Young Refugees in Berlin

Do refugees need an “integration app” or is it positioning them as users and consumers?

Kris De Decker _ Low-Tech Magazine

Is technology always the solution? Or maybe we should look at past solutions to solve current problems.

⬆️ it’s a solar — powered website, how cool is that? 😎

Reloading the future of the internet(s)

Pitch Studios _ Virtual Gap Year

Laszlito Kovacs _ Wetransfer

The past is unpredictable and the future is certain (Russian say)
© IAMWeekend Twitter account
Let’s bring our teen spirit. Algorithms are based on probabilities, so if we are random then they cannot predict us. The future is certain no more.

Grow your own cloud

What will it take for humans to truly value nature?
We have to rethink the Cloud. DNA can be a storage medium. Store your data, Nature’s way.
Do you want your data to pollinate?

Browsing the ethics of design, foresight & AI

Raina Kumra _ Ethical OS

If the technology you’re building right now will some day be used in unexpected ways, how can you hope to be prepared?

Miguel Jimenez _ Future design is bullsh*t

Innovation is what happens when you switch horizon.
The future is eternal, not new.

And that’s it for IAM Weekend 2019, can’t wait to next year’s event.


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