Team GrowKit: *drops mic*

After 5 months of hard work, fun, brainstorming, prototyping, designing and developing, our DSS time is coming to an end. But before we had time to be sad about the end we were excited but also nervous about the upcoming showcase.

This sprint was all about giving the finishing touch to our project so we could shine at the showcase. That mainly included finishing the working connection between the main hub, the sticks and the app, creating a product video and designing our exhibition for the showcase.

We kicked off the new year with a translate session at VodafoneZiggo, with Amir Azar, Digital Art Director. He gave us lots of inspiration on how to take the language of light to a new level. We had several ideas about the way the main hub would communicate data to the user through light, but the translate session gave us more insights on how to optimally use the form of our design.

The improved language of light

Our first idea was that one of the rings lights up when something is wrong. For example if the water level of one of your plants is too low, the blue ring will light up. After the translate session we adjusted this idea. The rings will always be lit up, but the more lit up they are, the better these levels are doing.

Now that the main hub, the sticks and the app were finished, we could focus on how to showcase everything to the rest of the world. That involved making a video explaining the bigger problem and our solution.

Video in progress!

Besides that we designed and prepared for the showcase. Days went by and before we realised, it was Wednesday the 23rd. But we were well prepared and ready to show our project to 120 guests. We kicked off with a 60 second pitch explaining our project and the problem, and later on guests were able to come to our booth and try out the project themselves. Besides posters explaining the problem and impact, people could watch the video and use the product themselves to see how the main hub reacts to the stick.

Pitching our project!
Posters explaining the problem, context and impact
Interactive installation explaining our product

The showcase was a positive ending to our DSS experience. It was boosting to receive other people’s opinion about what we’ve made and to hear that people actually would like to use this at home. Now it’s time for us to hand the baton to the next team of learners.

We would like to thank Jan (VodafoneZiggo) for initiating this interesting project, Ilaria for being our amazing coach, Digital Society School for making this happen and everyone else supporting our project for the past months!

Left to right: Joel, Angelo, Ilaria, Jan, Maitrayee, Anisha

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