A Digital Future for Alberta

An Analysis of Digital Occupations in Alberta’s High-Growth Sectors

Published by ICTC, June 2019

Economic diversification is a long-held pillar of resilient economies around the world. Building and strengthening a variety of sectors can help shield nations from global economic shocks and support a sustainable future. From 2017 onward, Alberta’s focus has been on economic diversification, with a strong note of technological enhancement and digitization. These investments will undoubtedly play an impactful role in the future economy of the province.

A number of top digital occupations stand out as in-demand across the Alberta economy. Leading this demand are roles like software developers, data scientists, full stack developers and cybersecurity analysts, among others. These are occupations that will drive business development and expansion, and ultimately, are central to the success of many sectors.

The need for these roles is substantial. The rapid pace of development in areas like artificial intelligence and data science, coupled with the increased adoption of technology across sectors indicates an accelerating demand for digital roles in Alberta — one that is forecasted to reach nearly 9,000 by 2023. With a job growth rate double that of the overall economy in the coming years, total employment in key digital roles is expected to surpass 77,000 by 2023. Meeting industry demand will mean a strong and reliable supply of workers with critical skillsets. Our ability to meet these needs is rooted in an approach to talent and skill development that is inclusive, diverse, and future-oriented.

This report examines the following:

  • Alberta’s high-growth sectors and the digital technical occupations that drive them, including healthcare, advanced manufacturing, cleantech, and interactive digital media;
  • Job growth in Alberta, including a regional analysis;
  • Top jobs and skills in Alberta; and
  • Digital talent supply streams, the link to Alberta’s digital future.
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Researched and written by Alexandra Cutean (Senior Director, Research & Policy) and Ryan McLaughlin (Economist & Research Analyst), with generous support from Rob Davidson (Manager, Data Analytics & Research), Olivia Lewis (Junior Research Analyst), and the ICTC Research & Policy team.

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The Digital Think Tank by ICTC is the research and policy arm of the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC).

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