Class, Take Out Your Tablets

The Impact of Technology on Learning and Teaching in Canada

Published by ICTC, March 2020

With rapid and scaling digitization, the classroom is increasingly a place where technology and traditional education methods collide. Digital knowledge and skills will continue to be critical as Canadian educators incorporate emerging technologies to aid student learning and accessibility, and to engage and inspire a new generation of future leaders. This new landscape is ripe with opportunity, but the challenge remains to better understand the intersection between these developments and evolving student learning experiences.

  • Accessibility, equity, diversity, connectivity, and teacher training and support were recognized as foundational concepts for large-scale implementation of technology in the classroom.
  • Tech-integrated education changes and amplifies student learning by providing interactions that can shape their future educational journey and encourage new ways of thinking. By developing these foundational concepts from an early age, technology in the classroom is key to equipping students for success in a rapidly expanding digital economy.
  • Despite mixed sentiments about the ability of technology to holistically enhance education, educators interviewed expressed the belief that technology use and digital skills would provide students with the opportunity to gain better knowledge of future career needs. Educators specifically highlighted digital citizenship, responsible internet usage (and internet risks), permanence of digital data, and ethics.
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Researched and written by Maryna Ivus (Senior Research Analyst), Trevor Quan (Senior Research Analyst) and Nathan Snider (Manager, Policy & Outreach) with generous support from the ICTC Research & Policy team.

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