Startup sanctuary: WA first blockchain centre opens in West Perth

By Hamish Hastie, The Sydney Morning Herald

4 December 2018

Perth’s who’s who of blockchain were at the opening of the world’s ninth Blockchain centre in West Perth on Monday night.

The centre is a WA-first and will allow startups with products that revolve around blockchain technology to share resources and ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Blockchain centre founder Sam Lee, Digital X chairman Peter Rubinstein and Digital X chief executive Leigh Travers at the Blockchain centre opening.

Blockchain is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It is a digital transaction record that cannot be tampered with, making it attractive to a range of industries.

Sam Lee is the brainchild of the Blockchain centre concept and said the idea helped keep startups in the city they were born in.

“Access to capital has been a major pain point for a lot of good quality start ups and because we live in an ever increasingly globalised society it means that great projects may need to move overseas in order to gain the momentum they need,” he said.

“We hope through leveraging the blockchain centre Perth startups locally can be better positioned to scale up without the need for relocation. The centre is focused on education and awareness.

“Having a permanent hub makes a significant difference as it ensures the public has a place they can walk into and seek guidance from.

“Whether it’s a retail investor or a developer interested in implementing the technology, a B centre as the knowledge hub has the access required to up skill the local ecosystem to ensure better outcomes through higher quality projects.”

Australia’s first listed blockchain advisory company Digital X fronted the cash for the centre and chief executive Leigh Travers said it had space for about 40 blockchain-focused individuals who wanted to break into the tech sector.

“There are a few companies that have been very successful in the tech space in Perth but I think that’s also relied on a lot of luck,” he said.

“We’re trying to help to eliminate the luck and more rely on resources we have at our disposal.

“Perth has top universities and a lot of wealthy investors that have made a lot of money in mining and property booms and I think they’re getting a little bit smarter and wanting to diversify into technology as well.”

Originally published at on December 4, 2018.