Example of cool marketing #codeshipped

Szabolcs Bökönyi
May 3, 2017 · 2 min read

Codeship just surprised us with a really cool swag bag.

Couple of days ago I’ve just received an email from my previous employer Lufthansa that a package has arrived for me. I haven’t ordered anything for quite a while so I was excited to see what is the unexpected surprise.

Figured out that it was CodeShip [https://codeship.com/] who fulfilled their promise and sent me a swag bag that somehow stood out from the usual. The difference as usual lies in the details. Here are the photos what else we received apart from the TWO pretty cool T-shirts.

Letter from CodeShip

Inside the nice envelope were two stickers and a HANDWRITTEN letter thanking me for taking the time and trying out the (by the way pretty cool) service provided by CodeShip.

I found it quite nice how much attention and care CodeShip put into thanking their customers for trying out their free service. Not to mention the quality and design of the gifts they gave.

So we just wanted to thank them with this blogpost and show their act as a great example of customer care and marketing. And here are the photos they have asked for.

#codeshipped happy owners of the CodeShip marketing package


a diary of a design and web development company

Szabolcs Bökönyi

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a diary of a design and web development company

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