My development journey, Q1 2017

This blog I am going to write about my software development process in my Q1 2017.

I am currently do full stack development for one of publisher in Thailand.

and this is the most complicate platform I have ever contribute to create from scratch.

Javascript one for all

Now a day Javascript is on trend and going crazy in open source. It is fast, reliable, flexible to do anything in a single language.

Anyway I never work with a team that full fill with all Javascript developer before because there are a lot of fragment in software development world.

but now here we are…

Current team in Q1 2017 ( Me as giraffe )

This company can arrange all same enthusiastic developer in one team. I don’t what cost it is to hire all guys in this team but they are killer.


We are all doing in a same platform, same project… a really Gigantic massive project that include

  • End-user self content generator
  • Content explorer
  • Authentication gateway
  • Mobile client
  • Web client
  • Chat bot
  • Analytic and push notification

Holy cow, there is no way to hold everything in single repository…

and this is what we end up with.

How we code

We divided our work to 5 Repository and 5 shared repository so the core of platform like DB Schema and Image assets will depend on another repository as Submodule.


we use GraphQL as core of data layer, every service has it own server but the same Schema and same DB endpoint (It is like you write a single restful and use everywhere, but GraphQL is reduce a lot of code you need to wrote)

Method of working

This is the most comfortable working process I ever be a part with. Even there are a lot of module we still can work seamlessly in a same direction.

We do Kanban method + Daily standup meeting like other software process do but not kind of full Agile. Every work and task is managed as issues base in Github and Slack.

and amazing thing in this team is

Everyone is a Javascript killer. They are modernly Javascript developer who use ES7, GraphQL, React, NodeJS perfectly not just a jQuery guy.

so… bye bye PHP, C# I hate you.

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